Unlock the power of Unit4 Business World innovations

According to Aberdeen Group, upgraded users consistently report reduction in operational costs, reduction in administrative costs as well as improvements in cycle time of key business processes. 

You already enjoy great benefits from your Unit4 solution; you could gain even more:
  • Reduce operational costs by an extra 6%
  • Reduce admin costs by an extra 4%
  • Improve business process speed by an extra 3%
Security is another important consideration. Whether you run your software on premise or in the cloud, keeping it up to date is best practice – helping you maintain compliance and safeguard your application suite from cyber-threats.
With the latest release of Business World, you don’t even need to upgrade your infrastructure to take on the enhancements if you are already on version 7. The underlying platform can remain constant, so you can introduce our latest advances straightaway and gain extra value for money more quickly. Localisations and add-ons are also readily available.

What’s new in the latest version?

To better meet the needs of our customers, we have invested many hours of product development time, added new applications and delivered enhancements to fine-tune existing capabilities.
There has never been a better time to upgrade your solution – explore this slideshare to discover the latest innovations in Unit4 Business World.
Want to unlock the benefits for your organization?

Do more with Unit4

  • Here are a few of the of the highlights in Business World 7.4:

    • Workspaces – a new user-experience that provides complete access to all the relevant information and functional capabilities that users need in their daily work. Learn more.
    • Absence Workspace – enables your people to monitor and measure absences with out-of-the-box KPIs.
    • Expenses Mobile App – availability on both Android and iOS mobile devices, enabling you to submit, change and follow up on your expenses from anywhere.
    • Information Browser – a single point for every operational request, now with the ability to use Pivot tables for analysis and with drill-through functionality that enables users to switch from chart to table view.
    • Managing project change – you can now change project relations, invoice rules, manager, cost center and dimensions, automatically applying those to work orders.
    • Project enhancements to web – you can now make enquiries based on historical invoice information.
    • Document expiry and partial data anonymization – enabling you to take a proactive approach towards GDPR, with anonymization of personal data and amendment logging.
    • Modeller (Organization Charts) – it is now easier to handle real-life organizational structures, enabling you to build organization charts that have uneven hierarchical levels.
    • Payroll – adding even more flexibility to your Payroll solution with 50+ new P&D Macros and updated Personnel API for easier integration with external systems.
    • Requisitions – everything you need to manage purchases, now with improved search and filter functionality.
    • Procurement – product alerts being shown in the requisition approval screen with tool tip description.
    • Subcontractor Management – end-to-end subcontractors order management, allowing you to handle the payment process all the way from a payment request through validation, to submitting the actual payment.
    • Report Engine – duplex printing and watermarks in Xtra reports.
    • Forms – showing all related documents data entered on a form is now optional.
    • Norway
      • Secure supplier payments via PEPPOL – handling and transfer of supplier payments via the Peppol network according to one common market standard.
      • Extended PEPPOL compliance – support for Peppol BIS 3.0 across invoice processes and continued support for EHF 2.0.
      • Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) – extended capabilities to provide optional data elements if the data is captured within Unit4 Business World.
    • United Kingdom & Ireland
      • Making Tax Digital for VAT – extended support for more complex VAT entity configurations, ability to run test proposals for Group VAT submissions, and possibility to include transactions from preceding periods.
    • Sweden
      • Extended PEPPOL compliance – support for PEPPOL BIS 3.0 across invoice processes, and continued support for Svefaktura 1.0, PEPPOL BIS 5A 2.0 and SimplerInvoicing 1.2.
  • Drive performance, ensure compliance and get the insight you need

    Here is an integrated solution for performance management that offers a powerful way to build upon what you can already achieve within the core Business World ERP application.
    • Combine Unit4 Business World and Unit4 prevero – smarter processes and augmented intelligence to boost productivity and drive performance:
      • Replace complex and error-prone spreadsheets with a single, consistent platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, team collaboration, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.
      • Cover all planning horizons (short-, medium, long-term) and a wide range of categories, including: planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, forecasting sales, costs and revenue, or reporting on single entity or group financial performance.

    Get smarter budgeting and planning

    Discover how Hotels & More has transformed its finance function with an integrated financial planning solution to improve margins and drive growth in the business.

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"Before [upgrading], our staff struggled to stay on top of work they didn't have time for; now we have been able to reallocate resources to other tasks, such as data analysis"
Ken Roggeman, Director of Finance,
Resort Municipality of Whistler