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Unit4 ERP software built for change

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Adapt fast, minimize disruption

The world doesn’t stop changing, so neither should your ERP.
Service organizations need to become more agile and responsive to
survive – they need an ERP solution that enables them to adapt with ease.

Change can be difficult and costly, but not with Unit4...


The average that an ERP customer spends on implementing organizational change*


The average annual saving on change-costs for Unit4 customers*

* Source: IDC: The Financial Impact of ERP Architecture on the Annual Cost of Business Change

Our software is built specifically for people-based organizations, where change is inevitable. And it's designed to adapt to your needs without mounting costs.

Make adjustments, supported by the right intelligence, with Unit4 ERP – a unique combination of a flexible data structure overlaying powerful reporting tools.

Better business outcomes

Gain clarity

To make the right business decisions you need clarity on what is working now – and what isn’t.

Change easily

Once you know what to adjust, you need to do this quickly without disruption.

Realize value

Understanding and reporting on that change is essential to demonstrate its impact.

‘Business as usual’ is the top priority for any company operating with multiple moving parts and a changing organizational structure...The [Siemens] merger was done surprisingly fast and smoothly...For us it’s not a surprise that [Unit4 ERP] can do this.

CIO, Bravida

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What makes us so flexible?

A unified data model... 

Other ERPs are slow to update and error prone when they do. Unit4 ERP saves you from these problems. Our integrated data model results in lowered costs, cuts the time to production, reduces risk to an organization and avoids business disruption.

  • No disruption: changes are reflected across the entire system.

  • People are empowered: changes can be made by any level of user.

  • Reduced TCO: Easy restructure and integration without IT consultants.

  • Less discrepancy: all reporting and analysis is integrated.

  • Faster to innovate: multi-tenancy allows faster release of new features.

  • Reduced risk: less room for error with one system change.

...and a next-generation SaaS platform

Our software is supported by cutting-edge ERP innovation supported by Microsoft platform capabilities. The Unit4 Platform allows organizations to nurture high-performing teams and flexible business models.

Easily manage
your cloud apps
Find and add
new data flows
Quickly build
your own data flows

Unit4 Extension Kit
App Studio

Streamline your
day-to-day admin tasks

Transform work with our software

    Extend data fields and deep dive with ease

    • Access real-time detail behind the numbers and save time on searching for further information.
    • With a flexible data model and archiving system that can be easily extended with new fields, Unit4 ERP can be your single source of truth.

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    Screenshot showing drill down

    Adjust processes and assign tasks

    • Easily create business processes that can be governed and evolved as business circumstances change.
    • Group, assign and share tasks for efficient tracking, faster follow-up, and increased collaboration.

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    Screenshot showing the organizational structure capabilities of project management with Unit4 ERP

    Visually represent and adjust organizational structures

    • Adapt any hierarchical structures quickly (e.g. org. structures, project reporting by business area, product rollups) with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.
    • Make changes in one click that are reflected across the organization.

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    Screenshot showing the organizational structure capabilities of project management with Unit4 ERP

    Real-time data visualization

    • Our data visualization features make reports easy to understand, present to stakeholders and share with external applications.
    • Easily analyze and present real-time data in visual form to provide the most up-to-date business picture - easily formatted for different stakeholders or visualized as a timeline to analyze trends.

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    Screenshot showing the data visualization capabilities of operational reporting with Unit4 ERP

    Simplify data entry and create alerts

    • Make your people’s lives easier with dynamic and consistent data capture to eliminate inconsistencies and save time.
    • Create alerts to prevent errors, ensure all necessary data is added and react to triggers – served through common communication tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

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    Screenshot showing alerts

    Put the right information at people's fingertips

    • Tailor specific dashboards per user profile so your people can see and interact with all the information they need in one place.
    • All presented in an intuitive format that eliminates the need to search through menus.
    • Simplified mini-apps for 10-second interactions also speed-up admin tasks.

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    Screenshot showing the organizational structure capabilities of project management with Unit4 ERP

    Increase transparency, predictability and accountability

    • Data is tracked and visible only to authorized users to improve compliance and user experience.
    • Data audit trails are stored automatically.

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    Screenshot showing transparency

    Easy release of new ERP features

    • Unit4 ERP enables easier implementation of new capabilities into the system, saving time, costs and enhancing the quality of setup.
    • Now your ERP can evolve as your business needs change.

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    Screenshot of ERP software

    Our customers see the benefits...

    When we change, the Unit4 system changes with us. It’s adaptive, incredibly easy to use and answers any question. It empowers our finance teams to act on insights more quickly and ensure the NHS Trust delivers the highest standards of medical treatment and transport.

    Senior Financial Analyst, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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    ...and the analysts agree

    Nucleus Research: "Realizing value with Unit4 software suite"

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    Constellation Research: “Unit4 Changes the ERP Market with its EAP Platform”

    Discover why the Unit4 People Platform has been rated “one of the most modern and complete EAPs” in this market overview.

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