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Unit4 ERP software
– tools & reporting

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Enhance strategic decisions and responsive change

Unit4 ERP’s power is its unique combination of a flexible data structure overlaying powerful reporting tools.

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Key capabilities

    Real-time data visualization

    • Our data visualization features make reports easy to understand, present to stakeholders and share with external applications.
    • Easily analyze and present real-time data in visual form to provide the most up-to-date business picture - easily formatted for different stakeholders or visualized as a timeline to analyze trends.

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    Screenshot showing the data visualization capabilities of operational reporting with Unit4 ERP

    Visually represent and adjust organizational structures

    • Adapt any organizational structure quickly with an easy-to-use drag and drop functionality.
    • Make changes in one click that are reflected across the organization.

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    Screenshot showing the organizational structure capabilities of project management with Unit4 ERP

    Simplify data entry and create alerts

    • Make your people’s lives easier with dynamic and consistent data capture to eliminate inconsistencies and save time.
    • Create alerts to prevent errors, ensure all necessary data is added and react to triggers – served through common communication tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

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    Screenshot showing alerts

    Drive enhanced communication

    • Provides enhanced chat functionality assigned to a specific ERP process
    • Enable better collaboration and easy internal sharing of tips and tricks.

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    Put the right information at people's fingertips

    • Tailor specific dashboards per user profile so your people can see and interact with all the information they need in one place.
    • All presented in an intuitive format that eliminates the need to search through menus.
    • Simplified mini-apps for 10-second interactions also speed-up admin tasks.

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    Screenshot showing the organizational structure capabilities of project management with Unit4 ERP

    Extend data fields and deep dive with ease

    • Access real-time detail behind the numbers and save time on searching for further information.
    • With a flexible data model and archiving system that can be easily extended with new fields, Unit4 ERP can be your single source of truth.

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    Screenshot showing drill down

    Adjust processes and assign tasks

    • Easily create business processes that can be governed and evolved as business circumstances change.
    • Group, assign and share tasks for efficient tracking, faster follow-up, and increased collaboration.

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    Screenshot showing the organizational structure capabilities of project management with Unit4 ERP

    Increase transparency, predictability and accountability

    • Data is tracked and visible only to authorized users to improve compliance and user experience.
    • Data audit trails are stored automatically.

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    Screenshot showing transparency

    Easy release of new ERP features

    • Unit4 ERP enables easier implementation of new capabilities into the system, saving time, costs and enhancing the quality of setup.
    • Now your ERP can evolve as your business needs change.

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    Screenshot of ERP software

    Create a better way to work

    • Empower your teams with accessible and transparent information.

    • Ensure your strategic decisions are powered by accurate data.

    • Make organizational changes easily without disruption.

    • Keep up with the changing needs of your market and customers.

    Unit4 represents a great step forward for the university. It liberates our people by automating manual tasks. Decision-making is faster, easier, and more accurate. And our processes are far more efficient now, too.

    Andrea Whiting

    Systems Manager, Kingston University

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    Trusted worldwide by organizations that serve people

    Logo of Unit4 customer, IO Interactive
    Logo of Unit4 customer, Kingston University
    IO interactive customer story teaser image

    Customer Story: IO Interactive

    IO Interactive is a Danish video game developer best known for creating and delivering exceptional games to a global community of fans. The business quickly needed a modern, flexible, and compliant ERP platform to manage critical business processes including finance, procurement, reporting, and forecasting.

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