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Expand your business without business disruption

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Analyze your dealership’s performance through enhanced financial reporting

Increase bottom-line savings

Manage expenditures with visibility and automated processes

What if your Caterpillar dealership could expand and grow without business disruption?

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Caterpillar dealers often face changing and evolving business needs when expanding through new locations or adding new lines of business. The costs of maintaining financial systems for ongoing change are significant and can have a major strategic impact. We believe enterprise technology should grow with your business and keep up with changes ‒ simply, quickly and cost effectively. Unit4 Financials allows Caterpillar Dealers to be responsive to customer needs, plan for future growth and run a more efficient retail operation.

Drive measureable performance by exploring all your data through enhanced reporting

Enhanced and multi-dimensional reporting enables Caterpillar dealers to have infinite ways to classify, measure and analyze data, regardless of complexity, for the best possible visibility. Unit4 Financials seamlessly integrates with the Caterpillar dealer system (DBS/DBSi), giving you accurate data and control ‒ even in the most fast-changing environments. Simplify complex reporting structures, pull data from your DBS system and gain a complete picture of your dealership with easy, customized reporting and visually appealing dashboards.

Watch Caterpillar dealer CFO Bob Perry of Finning (formerly Kramer, Ltd.) talk about how he uses Unit4 Financials to analyze his dealership by different aspects of the business ‒ from gross profit reports by model to common business ratios.


​Unit4 has been committed to the Caterpillar dealer community for over 20 years and continues to be their financial management solution of choice. 

  • Unit4 Financials has been able to work seamlessly with other applications running on the IBM Power Systems – which has been critical for us. While other Caterpillar dealers have experienced major problems trying to connect (their financial systems) with their operational systems, Unit4 Financials’ APIs allow us to easily and seamlessly interoperate with all our other systems. This has enable us to get accurate, real-time views across finance, so we truly know where our business is at any point in time.”

    - Information Systems Manager, Finning

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  • “With Unit4 Financials, we have a flexible finance system that does everything we need it to do without expensive setup and maintenance costs. We are seeing process efficiency already and it is incredibly simple to use, so training costs were minimal and our users were up and running quickly. We feel our systems are now more intuitive and tailored to meet our business requirements going forward.”

    - Vice President Finance, J.A. Riggs Tractor Company

  • "By replacing SAP with Unit4 Financials, we changed our corporate culture from reactive to proactive. Rather than just reading reports, people explore information to make projections and see trends better and faster than before. I can't put a dollar value on the return on investment, but I can tell you that it's huge. With Unit4 Financials, I can get my borrowing bases or covenants done in just 15 minutes."

    - Controller , Patten Industries

  • “Unit4 Financials’ open design and Microsoft Excel compatibility has helped to make integration easier. As an IT strategy moving forward, the increased flexibility that web services allows us makes a lot of sense.”

    - Treasurer, Thompson Tractor

  • “In Version 4 our reporting was limited, but we knew the multi-dimensional capabilities of Version 12 would allow us to pull information in any type of format desired. And, we wanted to continue with Unit4 due to our positive relationship with them”

    - Accounting Manager, Wheeler Machinery

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Increase bottom-line savings with spend management visibility and automated processes

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Caterpillar dealers have a substantial network of branches and a large employee population that can spread across several geographical locations. These indirect expenditures such as office supplies, IT equipment, maintenance supplies, real-estate and other services can result in huge costs for the dealer. A true end-to-end spend management solution can automate the complete “req to check” process, instill controls and provide spend visibility across the dealer network, delivering direct savings to your bottom-line.

Financial Management Solution for Caterpillar Dealers


Financial applications must do much more than simple bookkeeping. Your financial management system must enable Caterpillar Dealers to continually improve insight to business performance and visibility, as well as streamline and automate finance processes. It should act as a strategic backbone to your company allowing you to make the right decisions and tap into your full potential.

Unit4 Financials’ features are built on a flexible platform, giving your dealership complete adaptability to ongoing business change. By seamlessly integrating with other key business systems, you’ll be able to get a bigger picture and take advantage of new market opportunities and drive measurable performance.


Unit4 Financials

Cloud at your Speed

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