Unit4 prevero Corporate Performance Management  Software - BPC Software

A single performance management platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.




Understand the Past

Effortlessly ensure accuracy and compliance through efficient consolidation and statutory reporting.

Manage the Present

Quickly produce and amend update management reporting with accurate, real-time data for clearer business insights.

Drive the Future

Increase strategic impact by delivering up to date forecasts and aligning strategy, business plans and financial budgets.

Transform an annual burden into a year-round success driver with 24/7 data accuracy and compliance

With statutory reporting requirements changing constantly, Unit4 prevero enables you to effectively ensure compliance, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

Whether analysing cash flow, consolidating accounts from multiple companies, or producing financial reports, the key enabler to better compliance and efficiency is integrating data, so that it's accurate, fresh, and available to everyone who needs it to improve all round performance management.

Streamline processes, engage participants and aid collaboration

Fragmented or manual processes are barriers to your organization's success. Finance Managers should have more time to make sense of the numbers and to act as true business partners and advisors.

Take control and streamline your organization’s strategy planning, dashboards and scorecards with automated processes, embedded best practice and workflow completion rules, to ensure fast, accurate, consistent data.

Unit4 prevero BPC software enables greater understanding and collaboration through a single, transparent, shared system ensuring visibility and allows for changing requirements through intuitive and easy-to-access tools.

Drive performance and add strategic value

The ability to plan strategically will separate leading organizations from the rest of the field. It’s time to embrace corporate performance management solutions that help you not only to see several steps ahead, but to create that future as well – by aligning strategy, business plans and financial budgets. 

Engage stakeholders with advanced visual analysis of data sets to provide predictive insights using BPC software based on transparent and credible data, for more informed decision-making. Quickly test new scenarios with a specialised tool that provides an integrated, forward-looking perspective that is continuously refreshed to show you where the business is headed. 


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