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Unit4 FP&A software for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Unlock a sustainable future

Collect, analyze and report ESG data with a flexible tool that supports alignment
with specific ESG data requirements. Monitor sustainability performance, support
compliance with statutory reporting requirements, and make more informed
decisions to drive positive environmental and social impacts.

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Key ESG capabilities

    Streamline data collection, reduce manual effort and ensure accuracy
    • Gather ESG data from various departments and organizational units in one location
    • Seamless integration with existing data sources, such as ERP, enabling automatic data retrieval via APIs and reducing manual entry efforts
    • Robust data management capabilities, including data validation, and consolidation for accurate ESG reporting
    • Full modeling capabilities to calculate emissions with multidimensional value driver based business logic
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    Screenshot showcasing Unit4 FP&A's ESG capabilities
    Boost stakeholder engagement and trust with transparent reporting
    • Interactive reporting dashboards and visualizations to monitor sustainability performance across key ESG indicators
    • Advanced data analytics tools with drilldown capability to identify trends, benchmarks, and areas for improvement
    • Customizable reporting templates and KPI scorecards, aligned to UN SDGs, for tailored analysis and more transparent stakeholder communication
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    Screenshot showcasing Unit4 FP&A's ESG capabilities
    Enhance compliance with global reporting frameworks and regulatory requirements
    • Comprehensive support for global reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, and CDSB
    • Automated generation of ESG reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Easier collaboration and data sharing functionalities for internal teams and external stakeholders
    • Set-up reports which pull data from different areas of the model and present them in the needed format
    • Track how sustainable partners, suppliers and vendors are, in support of ongoing procurement work
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    Screenshot showcasing Unit4 FP&A's ESG capabilities
    Identify risks, opportunities, and areas for improvement for sustainable growth
    • Robust risk assessment tools to identify and help mitigate ESG-related risks 
    • Scenario modelling capabilities to evaluate the impact of different sustainability strategies
    • Opportunity identification features to leverage sustainability initiatives for growth
    • Enhanced transparency through data sharing and disclosure, driving trust and accountability
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    Screenshot showcasing Unit4 FP&A's ESG capabilities
    Improve visibility into sustainability performance for better decisions
    • Goal setting and tracking functionalities to align with ESG targets and frameworks
    • Progress monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Recommendations to drive continuous improvement and achieve sustainability objectives
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    Screenshot showcasing Unit4 FP&A's ESG capabilities

    A better way to work

    • Re-use existing ERP metadata and structures for ESG/sustainability reporting

    • Import external data for ESG/sustainability reporting

    • Define specific dimensions for ESG/sustainability reporting to calculate metrics or flag ESG risks

    • Store and report on non-financial ESG KPIs including emissions and workforce diversity

    • Set targets and monitor variances using ESG data and metrics

    • Link and share ESG/sustainability narrative reporting with financial disclosures

    • Support and share data between multiple ESG reporting frameworks

    • Use pre-built conversion calculations such as kilowatts to gigajoules

    The Unit4 FP&A solution is designed to assist organizations in analyzing and reporting their ESG data. It supports compliance and regulatory reporting. The model includes
    calculations and business logic (such as KWh, m3, kg CO2 and km conversions) but is not an out of the box solution including standards data for GRI, TFCD, SASB
    or IFRS S1 and S2. This requires the collection of data and a vendor partnership, which we can support.



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    Prepare your organization for mandatory ESG reporting

    With mandatory environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting standards coming into effect from 2024 onwards, the need to digitally transform to meet regulatory obligations more efficiently is more pressing than ever.

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    Unit4's own ESG goals and initiatives

    Find out more about our sustainability mission aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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