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Unit4 FP&A software
for reporting, analysis & dashboarding

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Deeper insight; better decision-making

Draw the big picture and drive better business decisions with actionable, trustworthy numbers that link to strategic drivers.

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Key capabilities

    Unit4’s financial reporting and analysis software automates financial closes and responds quickly to ad-hoc requests with:

    • Standard and ad hoc reports.
    • Customized reports and automatic distribution supporting different formats.
    • Compliance with all accounting standards, including IFRS & regional reporting standards.
    • Real-time changes across financial statements.
    • Slice & dice, roll up, drill down and drill through data at a transactional level in Unit4 ERP.
    • Full integration of subplans, periods & versions in the reports (actuals, forecast, budget).

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    Screenshot showing the reporting capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Discover hidden patterns and relationships in historical data to help your teams identify potential opportunities and risks to your business:

    • Time series, top ten, top value, break-even and deviation analysis.
    • Ad hoc analysis, hit lists.
    • Trend analysis and automatic target/actual & year-on-year comparisons.
    • Analytical formatting with traffic light method, conditional formatting.
    • Multi-dimensional drill-down/drill-through to analyze deviations between actuals, forecast and budget.

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    Screenshot showing the analysis capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Always have all financial KPIs at your fingertips, with dynamic dashboards that are easy to create and customize. So you can track key figures, including:

    • EBITDA.
    • Gross margin.
    • Fixed and current assets.
    • Equity/liquidity.
    • Working capital.
    • COGS, etc.

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    Screenshot showing the dashboarding capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Create a better way to work

    • Enable effective business partnering and storytelling for informed decision-making.

    • Create a single source of the truth that spans your organization.

    • Gain a better understanding of dependencies.

    • Uncover hidden trends and patterns to identify and act on opportunities.

    • Open up improved planning, as future developments become more predictable.

    • Achieve significant time savings.

    • Put powerful data visualizations and dashboards at your teams’ fingertips.

    We can now analyze, report, and share the finance data quickly and easily, drilling down to individual transactions and automatically distribute the reports to other stakeholders. Compared with spreadsheets, our financial budgeting and forecasting is one third faster – and the data is dramatically more timely and accurate.

    Robert Abery

    Management Accountant, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    Supporting FP&A Leaders with accurate budgeting & robust forecasting

    Discover how Leaders of FP&A can gain a clearer view of the organization's financial health and drive greater collaboration with other teams.

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    Trusted worldwide by organizations that serve people

    Customer Story: Nuclear Restoration Services (NRS)

    This nuclear decommissioning organization (formerly known as Magnox) is driving agile, people-centric business change with integrated Unit4 ERP, FP&A, and Talent Management platforms to bolster organization-wide transformation.

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    Plan your future with optimized business planning and advanced forecasting capabilities powered by AI, machine learning and best practices.

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