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Aqualisa plans future strategy with Unit4 Prevero

Posted by  Matthias Thurner

For forty years Aqualisa has pioneered shower manufacturing in the UK and has recently taken a lead in the development of ‘smart shower’ technology.

Collaboration across the business

In this short video, Andrew Hawksley, Finance Director at Aqualisa, outlines how Unit4 Prevero is helping improve the company’s corporate performance.

Having implemented Unit4 Prevero, Aqualisa ran three years of historical data through the solution. This provided insight on important financial indicators and importantly, the capability to understand future performance based upon a range of possible strategies. Additionally, the finance department can engage with the sales, marketing and supply chain teams to help them better understand operations and make effective data-driven decisions.

Making space for better outcomes

Andrew also outlines how rather than spend time on reconciliations, finance employees now have the freedom to make better-informed decisions that make it clearer which strategic commercial direction Aqualisa takes.

Aqualisa - Unit4 Prevero customer interview from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.

Matthias Thurner

Matthias was promoted to CPO for Unit4 in 2019 with responsibility for designing and bringing to market the end-to-end product and customer experience. He has shown great leadership and product vision since joining Unit4 in 2016, when Prevero became a Unit4 company. He co-founded Prevero and played a major role in growing it to a leading vendor of corporate performance management solutions.

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