Unit4 Prevero offers everything you need, to transform disparate sources of financial data into visual, clear and actionable business analytics & intelligence.

Single Source of Truth

Raw data is not much use to anyone. The right visualisation and analytics software can help with that – turning a whole array of facts and figures from across your organization into meaningful intelligence and fresh insights.

But, to be effective, it needs to draw upon a single, complete source of truth – giving your teams a shared platform of understanding from which to plan and act more effectively.

Easy to use

Unit4 Prevero combines a range of easy-to-use, easy-to-adapt self-service Visualisation tools to deliver the clear and current picture of your organization and operations that your teams and decision-makers need.

Its key capabilities include:
Predictive analytics | Data visualisation | KPIs and self-service dashboards | Reporting and analysis tools | Industry- and function-specific tools.

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Integrated approach

Whether your users need a high-level overview, focus in on the sharp detail or to be alerted as soon as something changes, Unit4 Prevero’s integrated approach to Data Visualisation, planning and CPM gives the agility to go seamlessly from measuring and interpreting past and present performance, to predicting and planning for the future.

Key capabilities

  • Predictive analytics

    Our state-of-the-art modeling software reveals risks and opportunities for your organization, by uncovering the hidden patterns and relationships in historical data.


  • Data visualisation

    Unit4 Prevero’s intuitive data visualisations enhance your budgeting and forecasting, helping you to plan, manage, mitigate risks, and succeed in increasingly competitive markets.

    They enable you to:

    • Create reports, charts and models from any combination of data.
    • Gain fresh strategic insights into your operations.
    • Focus on identifying key drivers of profitability and growth.
    • Adapt more quickly to changing market conditions.

  • Define and evaluate KPIs and self-service dashboards

    Now your teams can have a whole range of KPIs at their fingertips via modern, easy-to-set-up, easy-to-change dashboards.

    For example, finance professionals might want to monitor metrics such as:

    • EBITDA.
    • Gross Margin.
    • Fixed/Current Assets.
    • Equity/Liquidity/Quick/Current Ratio.
    • Working Capital.
    • COGS etc.

    And there are simple controls for business users to tailor the look and feel of their dashboards, themselves.

  • Reporting and analysis

    Unit4 Prevero enables you to analyse, report and share your data quickly and easily – including: drill-down to transactional level; slice and dice; and automatic report distribution to selected addressees in selected formats (pdf, XL etc.).


Curious? Watch a mini-demo

Watch our demo video to see how we can help transform your data visualisation or contact us for a full personal demo.