Unit4 Prevero’s CPM platform provides the single, shared foundation for our integrated CPM solutions.

Building consistency for better-informed decisions

A single, shared source of truth is a vital building block for effective corporate performance management but it is just the start.

If you still use a range of separate tools – often conflicting or overlapping and each with their own conventions and user interfaces – then your teams will struggle to see the true picture.

Today’s organizations need a smarter, more integrated approach that builds in consistency at all levels, for better-informed conclusions and decisions.

Experience seamless, comprehensive performance management

Working from one consistent platform, Unit4 Prevero provides a seamless, comprehensive performance management environment for all aspects of strategic and operational corporate governance.

The key capabilities of our CPM platform include:
Easy data integration | Flexible deployment options | Smart MS Office interface | Intelligent workflow management.

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A unified solution – from platform to apps

You not only gain the foundation of a single version of the truth but a complete set of fully integrated tools with the same shared logic and consistent usability.

The result is a combination of flexibility, ease of use and in-built intelligence, so your teams can trust the data they work from and know that the whole organization has the same common ground to view, work with and share information.

Key capabilities

  • Data integration

    Unit4 Prevero’s data integration capabilities enable convenient and transparent access to various source systems. Data is transferred directly to the Prevero environment and then linked to existing models, giving finance teams a highly flexible front-end for superior planning, reporting and analysis.

    Key features include:

    • A highly effective and flexible Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) engine.
    • Easy transfer of master data, structural information, and transactional data.
    • Open architecture, enabling straightforward connection to all popular data sources.
    • Standardized and extendible connectors enable automated and scheduled imports.
    • Standardized access to Unit4 solutions but also to more than 30 other ERP systems, e.g. SAP.

  • Deployment options

    Whatever your preferred approach to deployment – whether remaining on-premise or moving to software as a service (SaaS) and the cloud – we will ensure that you benefit from the full functionality, fast implementation and total flexibility our solutions can provide.

    Key features include:

    • On premise
      • Direct, hands-on control over IT architecture and day-to-day management of computing and network performance.
    • Cloud
      • Freeing up your IT department to spend more time on supporting business processes.
      • Highly-scalable expansion and reduction capabilities, with Microsoft Azure.
      • A choice of options – public, private, or hybrid – so you can embrace the cloud at your ideal speed.
    • Either
      • The highest standards of security, compliance and data privacy.
      • Customers continually benefit from the latest innovations.

  • Microsoft Office interface

    This enables your teams to work directly with Prevero data with the familiar tools of their everyday Microsoft Office apps and make full use of the programs’ benefits without duplicating data.

    Key features include:

    • Direct access to Prevero data from MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint.
    • Ability to write back to Prevero using the MS Excel add-in.
    • Easy setup and population of reports.
    • One-click updating of reports with the latest Prevero data.

  • Example CPM workflow
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    Workflow management

    Each Unit4 Prevero application is underpinned by state-of-the-art workflows and processes to help complete corporate performance management tasks efficiently, consistently and accurately – no matter how complex the requirements or the number of departments or people involved.

    The solution provides a set of predefined workflow models based on market best practices. These can be used as a start-up kit and workflow configuration is highly flexible, so customers can easily tailor them to the organization’s current needs and keep adapting as requirements evolve.

    As a result, users at all levels can simply and quickly complete tasks in the right way and sequence, while managers and decision-makers have the reassurance that processes and progress are transparent and can be monitored without needing any additional tools.


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