Why HR Operations is critical for people-centric organizations

From the Editor

In today’s everything-as-a-service economy (XaaS), we know that people deliver a company’s competitive advantage through the services they deliver. To support people in this new environment requires new, agile and differentiated approaches to HR operations and the ability to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner.

The job of HR today is enabling enterprise growth goals and increasing value through a company’s most valuable asset – its people. In a recent article for Diginomica, I wrote: “As we move to a service economy where the trend away from owning assets to consuming services continues, successful businesses will have to change the way they operate. They will have to manage customer retention by delivering what the customer wants as quickly and efficiently as possible – which means they are more reliant on their people than ever before.”

For organizations that aim to deliver world-class performance, establishing and sustaining HR operational excellence is key. HR and the role of the HR Operations Director should be viewed as a strategic enabler of business performance management. HR Operations works directly with employees and the decisions they make affect them directly. This requires a careful balance of people skills and analytical management. Because human resources often branches into many different fields, they need to be knowledgeable of many issues like labor laws, employee benefits, worker compensation, and training techniques.

Unit4 is among the organizations adopting an XaaS mind-set with the understanding that this approach is essential to serve customers better and compete effectively. Businesses need to contemplate and challenge the way they are doing things across many aspects of their organizations, especially if they are new to services.

This mind-set therefore runs through all aspects of HR and requires a new approach to HR Operations, supporting the business-facing side of HR through the back-end/transactional HR function which supports people to be productive and effective. Establishing efficient back-end functioning by ensuring there is optimal fit between people, process and technology is critical to success. By bringing balance between strategic advisory, tactical decision making and operational delivery, HR will benefit from a helicopter view of the business with a practical and hands-on approach to changing business requirements.

Unit4 is currently recruiting for an experienced HR Director Operations (https://careers.unit4.com/job/hr-director-operations-324687.html). If you’d like to join our dynamic HR team, and be a part of making HR Operations successful in a global business that is ‘in business for people’, please apply now.

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