Unit4 Prosoft - Singapore's Leading all-in-one HRIS And Payroll Software System

  • At a glance

    From hiring to retiring including functionalities to enable, reward, develop and retain employees, Unit4 Prosoft helps HR departments to track, manage and analyze your talent through the entire Human Resource cycle.

    Unit4 Prosoft is a HRMS platform that seamlessly integrates the following capabilities:

    Personnel Appraisal
    Payroll Training
    Leave Talent Management
    Claims HR Insights
    Timesheets Forms
    Attendance Recruitment


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  • A seamless human resource management solution

    • Easy to use, configurable HR Management System
    • Out of the box regulations and a compliant and localized Payroll software - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Philippines - in 10 Asia Pacific countries
    • Insightful and centralized dashboard view
    • Use only one Single Data Base and Interface
    • Engage employees through clear, intuitive employee interfaces and contextualised reporting
    • Build stronger teams through training, staff utilisation, resource planning and performance appraisal
    • Track results in real time using Timesheets, Clocks, Scheduling and Leave Administration
    • Streamline through outsourcing so that your workforce can be focused on the important jobs
    • Safeguarding privacy and security - ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

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    unit4 prosoft hrms
  • Human Resource Software Designed for Choice

    You are in control of how to deploy Prosoft HRMS.

    Choose to install the software on your servers, with ownership of the software license. This gives you complete flexibility in managing your software and servers.

    Or, choose a cloud-based SaaS model designed to take care of your HR IT infrastructure and provide you with the full functionalities of Prosoft’s software applications, without having to manage upgrades, firewalls, or anti-virus yourself.

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Administrative Modules

  • Personnel

    A HRIS in Singapore to ease and enhance employee database management. Track all employee information, including historical changes, and provide easy retrieval of information. Employees can perform self-service tasks such as updating of personal data.  This module complies with Personal Data Protection Act to ensure that all personnel data is kept securely protected.

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    HRIS Singapore - Unit4
  • Payroll Software Singapore

    Simplify and computerise the tedious task of calculating employees’ wages. Define multiple pay runs, allowances and deductions that are applicable to every employee with detailed reports. Interface general ledger (GL) to finance system.

    A payroll software with regional capabilities that cover statutory requirements for Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

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    Payroll Software Singapore - Unit4 Prosoft HRMS
  • Leave

    Streamline the entire leave administration process in your organisation – from leave eligibility and entitlement, to leave application and tracking, to on-leave compensation. Define unlimited types of leave. Ensure accuracy with leave management among employees and managers.

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  • Claims

    Simplify expense claims administration for your organisation with a user-friendly solution. Allow various trackable claims for entitlements or reimbursements via payroll. Submit multiple claims in one app.

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  • Timesheets

    Simplify and streamline the the submission, tracking and processing of working hours, with online submission of work-related claims as well as reliable capture and access to working hours and cross-charging information. Monitor and track overtime hour records that are self-updated by employees, with minimum overhead. Export approved hours to Payroll system for processing without additional data input.

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  • Attendance

    Calculate all the time elements, based on employees’ clocking, using our wide range of electronic clocks and the latest biometric verification devices with a comprehensive, flexible and extensible solution. Manage viewable attendance, overtime hours, overtime approval and payments.

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Strategic Modules

  • Appraisal

    Conduct employee performance appraisals completely online, without time-consuming and inefficient traditional paper-based forms. The appraisal module also integrates with the training module so you can easily setup learning plans for all employees.

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  • Training

    Organise and oversee employees' training and learning needed to complete their job at the highest level of success. Manage your training budget and oversee employees’ competency level and training plans.

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  • HR Insights

    Tied in with Unit4 Prosoft HRMS is Unit4 prevero, our HR Planning, Budgeting and Insights solution. 

    Streamline and standardise the manpower requisition process and gather essential data to support more effective resource planning and budgeting. 

    prevero HR Planning enables companies to carry out medium and long-term planning, both at the employee level and across several cost centres at once. It provides all necessary functions for effective HR management, including data modelling, analysis, reporting, project planning, and authorisation control.

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    Prosoft HRMS with Unit4 prevero HRIS - Singapore
  • Forms

    Gather information from specific individual employees with a targeted onine survey system for all sorts of HR matters. Automate and streamline the collection and processing of data from employees.

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  • Recruitment

    Unit4 Prosoft Recruitment module can give you a one-stop hiring management resource to streamline your recruiting operations, saving time and money through integration, automation and collaboration. 

    The Recruitment module is currently undergoing redevelopment by our R&D team. If you have any queries, questions or are interested to learn more about what our Recruitment module can do, please contact us.

  • Digital Assistant

    Experience a complete new way of working with Unit4 Prosoft HRMS.  Wanda is the world’s first true enterprise Digital Assistant. Add Wanda as a contact and access all your business applications through a conversational interface. Wanda is available all the time – pervasive, but not intrusive – automating routine operations across your business and learning your preferences to become even more useful over time.

    The Wanda Digital Assistant module is currently undergoing development by our R&D team. If you have any queries, questions or are interested to learn more about what our Digital Assistant module can do, please contact us.

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  • Talent Management

    Support the development and utilisation of your staffs' skills and experience, identify critical roles within the organisation, and manage how those positions are resourced. Harness the power of your organisation's talent pool to help staff achieve their potential and ensure critical roles are safeguarded.

    The Talent Management module is currently undergoing redevelopment by our R&D team. If you have any queries, questions or are interested to learn more about what our Talent Management module can do, please feel free to contact us.

Our single, innovative solution removes the challenges, frustrations and delays caused by factors such as: complex, ever changing legislation, participants spread across various separate organisations and fragmented or poorly coordinated processes. Instead, it is:


Designed for People

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS software delivers a clear, intuitive user experience rarely seen outside of consumer technologies.  Its easy-to-use tools deliver powerful insights and analytics.  By providing the right information in the right context, Prosoft empowers your people to execute tasks quickly and effectively, and frees them to focus on solving problems and managing business.

Designed for Change

You need software that can adapt at the speed of business.  Whether it’s growth, acquisitions or cost-cutting, change happens fast - and Prosoft’s unique architecture will change fast, too, at a low cost and without disruption.  Information, workflow and data are all seamlessly integrated.

Designed for Mobility

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS software offers full functionality and information tailored for each specific person at a specific time and a specific location. So whether you are in the office matching staff to assignments, or on the road and capturing your travel expenses, Unit4 Prosoft keeps your workforce working at full, interconnected functionality.

Our Customers Say

Unit4 Customer Success Story

Farrer Park Hospital (FPH) is a private tertiary healthcare institute in Singapore, and is known for its commitment to being a Smart Hospital by leveraging innovative technologies.

FPH chose Unit4 Prosoft HRMS to help them streamline their HR efficiency, eventually helping them to save $200,000 annually.  FPH deployed seven main Prosoft HRMS modules: Personnel, Payroll, Leave, Attendance, Appraisal, Training and Timesheets. Watch their story.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Employees have provided feedback that Prosoft has eased the burden of submitting forms, and that the approval process is much faster and efficient, without manually having to seek their boss' approval in person.”

    Geoffrey Edward Moore, Human Resources Controller, Watsons' Malaysia

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  • "The implementation of Prosoft allows us to move away from the legacy HR approach and embrace digitalisation, as we strive to become more agile as an organisation.”

    Sharon Tan, Senior Executive, Payroll and Human Resources, Isetan

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  • "With Unit4 Prosoft, the interface is flexible, user-friendly and easy to use. I have experienced only positive reviews from our staff about the system."

    Mr Iñaki de Olazabal, Chief Financial Officer

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  • "Prosoft HRMS has been a fantastic choice for Go-Ahead Singapore. Our HR and finance teams have experienced an increase in efficiency and productivity. The system has also enabled our employees to free up their time to work on more strategic tasks."

    Wendy Soh, Finance Director, Go-Ahead Singapore

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  • "I’d highly recommend the (Unit4 Prosoft) solution to the labour-intensive manufacturing sector as it automates HR tasks and frees up staff to focus on more critical roles."

    Lina Li, Regional Head of HR, Asia

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  • "Unit4 Prosoft has a user-friendly portal and as an administrator, I appreciate the prompt system updates - especially those on the automatic application of (Singapore's) legislation. Unit4 has proven to be a valuable partner and is responsive to our needs."

    Mr. Jeethu Syriac, Head of Human Resources

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  • "There are many improvements to our HR processes, but what is really significant is that our employee relations have improved as we are now more transparent with them than we were before. They feel valued and are benefiting from training and smooth appraisal procedures. We are continuously reviewing and updating our HR policies and they are being adopted universally across the company."

    Wayne Ho, COO of SSTC

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  • "We are very happy to use the Prosoft HRMS system, as it solves the challenges we face today and keeps us ready for the demands on our team that we anticipate in the future."

    Michael Lim, HR Director of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd.

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  • "The HR team is confident and comfortable working with the friendly and competent Unit4 consultants, who are always ready to go the extra mile for us!"

    Yap Chui Chin, HR Manager of Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd

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  • "Having previously used SAP, I feel that SAP is a system that is very controlled and not easily configurable to users' needs. One has to go through many different levels of access or approvals to make a change, which results in a very long lead time. However, with Prosoft HRMS, the super-user can easily make the change within the system, whenever there is a change to policies or guidelines."

    Philip Tan, Senior Manager, HRIS of REC in Singapore

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Unit4 Prosoft Payroll Software - Singapore

Payroll software for Singapore that integrates eamlessly with all other business functionalities

“The Payroll software module is integrated with my other systems seamlesly and includes all the payroll functionalities needed by businesses to process payroll quickly and accurately. I can define various payroll groups, each with its own rules and calculation methods.”

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For employees, Prosoft Payroll (Self-Service) makes it easier and quicker for employees to access and check their pay and income tax details.

Prosoft Payroll offers a range of features and facilities, including multiple country support for regional payroll, flexible payroll transactions; quick & accurate payroll processing; definable formulas; bonus, advance payment, and back/retro payment; payroll global modification and import; online submission of bank, provident funds and personal income tax; and, integration with Unit4 Prosoft Attendance, Leave and Claim modules.

Can we help?

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS is part of a suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that provide comprehensive support for the Office of HR including:

  • Unit4 Business World – integrated personnel management and administration at the heart of your ERP
  • HR Outsourcing - HR and Payroll Outsourcing keeps your workforce focused on the important jobs

If you have any enquiries or requirements for financial solutions, Unit4 also supports the Office of the CFO with:

  • Unit4 Financials solution, an award-winning suite of global accounting and broader best-in-class financial management applications
  • Unit4 prevero, our corporate performance management solution which offers a single platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.

Our internationally available solutions are also complemented by various regional products and services that support the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialised business processes