What if you could outgrow competition by elevating your employee engagement?

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In the ever-changing world of service-intensive organizations, it’s critical that your technology supports productivity. Creating a sense of purpose and responsibility among staff is the #1 driver of their discretionary effort and engaged workers elevate their organization’s performance. Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement grow revenue 2.5x faster than companies in the bottom quartile. And yet studies consistently show that fewer 30% of workers are engaged.

How will you ensure your people are dedicated to your organization’s mission? The opportunity for career development is the most effective way to boost their engagement. Unit4 HCM provides innovative tools to maximize your people’s engagement. Use self-directed career-pathing where your people can find out about their next career step themselves. But also target your communication precisely for upcoming change, be it organizational, procedural or any other type.

Choose Unit4 HCM to meet the core needs of each of your individual employees and elevate your organization to new heights.

HCM Systems: Steak vs. Sizzle

Read our whitepaper: "The steak vs the sizzle"

Maximize performance by growing your people’s engagement

Service-intensive organizations in both the private and public sector are facing increasing competition to hire the best people and maximize performance. Engaging your employees is the lever to business success: organizations with high levels of engagement outperform on profitability, productivity, and customer service. Attracting talent and maintaining high levels of engagement is especially challenging during periods of change, when human capital is most valuable, but can feel most vulnerable.

Unit4 HCM goes beyond the traditional functionality of Human Capital Management solutions by embracing business change and supporting your organization to perform in "business as usual" mode during key business events. For these unpredictable events – such as mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, or organizational restructuring – your organization needs to execute swiftly, avoiding any disruption beyond the turbulence you are in anyway, and ensure everyone keeps the focus on results, customer experience and avoidance of mistakes.

If you can achieve that, you’ll boost the motivation in the organization and create a culture of winners.

What if all your organization's HCM KPIs were available in real time?

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Presenting the right information in line with expectations is often a challenge. As well as collecting the necessary information from different systems, you need to check the information is accurate, collate it so it makes sense and finally make it readable for others.

Unit4 HCM enables the creation of comprehensive employee records, with an unlimited variety of user-definable information fields. In combination with user-defined workflows, employee self-service, communities and informal feedback mechanisms, it gives you all the information you need.

The information is presented using online reports, online dashboards and ad-hoc reporting for anyone you want to share your KPIs.

King County Housing Authority
Success story
Full case study

Get ready to drive change not be driven by it

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Organizations no longer have one simple organizational structure. Your people are linked in different ways for different reasons; through their knowledge, skills, departments, projects, offices, social communities and more – so you need structures that can flex and react.

The better your understanding of how your people connect, the greater your opportunity to maximize your organization’s KPIs. Knowing who’s influencing who and what happens when you change reporting lines, departments and cost centers can be a huge advantage. That’s why we invented "Structures" – a new way to visualize and analyze your organization from any angle, and the foundation to model and seamlessly execute structural changes to your organization, teams or service delivery concepts.

Your business system is 100% synced with the actual position of your organization, allowing change to be executed by the business itself, without the typical dependency on IT.

Its design eliminates the risk of non-compliance, inefficiencies in decision-making and process execution because the underlying related processes, access/approval levels and reporting relationships will change automatically and in-sync with the structural change.

The result is full control and guidance, freeing teams to deliver your vision, beat the competition, explore new markets and respond to growing regulations and customer demands.

Attract and retain the best talent

Plan and match skill levels to project pipeline and requirements to recruit and on-board the right people.

Operate on a strategic level

Use an integrated perspective from HR, finance and projects to extend influence beyond Human resources functions.

Reduce admin

Run HR processes automatically and only intervene when necessary to free up your time.

Nurture and develop employees

Ensure comprehensive support for all aspects of your hire-to-retire cycle and payroll processes.


Enter absence and expenses requests, using a single mobile app, providing full insight into your HR files.

Clear communication and getting involved

Use portals, polls and instant feedback to interact with others.

Self directed career progress

What are my career possibilities and which steps do I have to take to get there?

Clear expectations and feedback

Knowing exactly what is expected from you and getting continuous and open feedback from your colleagues and manager.

Drive business transformation

Execute mergers and acquisitions smoothly without the need for system reprogramming.

Enable operation efficiency

Achieve more with the same resources by optimizing and automating processes and reducing manual steps.

Restructure rapidly

Instantly view, create or modify organizational structures faster than any other system on the market.

Improve user adoption

Provide your people with an inherently flexible architecture and user-friendly interface.

Create engaged and empowered team members

Use HR tooling to motivate, attract and retain your team members.

Clear people insights

Proactively plan using real-time data to identify future capacity constraints.

Enable operation efficiency

Clear insight in status of your direct reports requests and only act when necessary.

Collaborate to motivate

Discuss key challenges with your team through online chat and task sharing capabilities.

How it works

The Employee

Enables self-sufficiency for each employee to:

  • View and update personal details, stay informed about ‘their business’, submit absences, timesheets and/or expenses through one single app: Unit4 Me
  • Request training
  • Manage their skills and competence
  • Online appraisal and feedback
  • View and plan their career-path options
  • Collaborate and interact in context with their area of responsibility

The Business

Enables visibility and control for mangers to:

  • Manage their team
  • View team time and availability
  • Approve requests
  • Encourage internal mobility
  • Manage the appraisals process for their direct reports
  • Keep track of their area of responsibility with reports and analytics
  • Deal with ad-hoc information requests
  • Discuss and inform

The HR Office

Enables HR professionals to provide an optimum service:

  • Targeted communication to support change management
  • Analyse and optimize information flows
  • Design and model for business change
  • Deliver strategic HCM reporting
  • Robust HR capabilities

What if you could free up some of your time?

Say, a quarter or even more…?

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We believe people in service organizations are empowered by business software that helps them to work smarter, not just harder. This is why we developed the self-driving user experience which cuts complexity and manual tasks, so people can focus better and act faster. Within the context of HCM, this translates into an experience where your people will be able to spend less time on manual administrative tasks. With a rich choice of mobile apps optimized for managing time, absences, personal details, pay slips and expenses combined with collaboration tools, workflow and process tooling, interactive dashboards, online competence based appraisals, and 360-degree formal and informal feedback, you are able to free up a lot of time. Time you can spend on developing and nurturing staff, driving engagement and getting the best out of your people.

Supporting organizations like yours

  • "Our Unit4 solution is the sole foundation for our entire group of more than 8,000 employees at 150 locations."

    - CIO, Bravida

    Read the full success story

  • "Moving off premise to the Unit4 cloud deployment option is a significant budget advantage."

    - IT Systems Administrator, Södertörn University

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  • “The rationalization of legacy systems and integration of HR, payroll and the general ledger underpins considerable organizational flexibility. We can make changes once, rather than multiple times with little or no disruption to the business. It has also driven considerable labor and ICT cost savings and improved the speed and integrity of our Payroll.”

    - Head of ICT Services, New Forest District Council

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  • "All in all, Unit4 has delivered and we have a powerful financial and business solution that helps us to adapt to organization changes as well as those in wider world."

    Group Director of Finance and Company Secretary, The Conservation Volunteers

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What if you could turn business change into your advantage?

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Business change surrounds us. It is deployed within our organizations to help us achieve our ambitions and it's imposed by external pressures from our competitors, innovative business models, new legislation and more. To stay competitive, avoid uncertainty and to keep your people motivated and engaged, business change should be managed as a "business as usual" situation.

Unit4 HCM is designed to facilitate and enable change, giving you the tools and architectural DNA (delivered by the Unit4 People Platform’s Elastic Foundation) to see, plan and change your organization easily. In parallel with your evolving organization, your data, business processes, reporting and analysis requirements always move in lock-step with the latest evolution.

Having this foundation enables you to empower your people to analyze change scenarios, execute restructures and change your system in response to new pressures and opportunities as and when they happen.

Cloud at your Speed

Enabling your team to fully control your move to the Cloud securely - at the speed you require.

  • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the Cloud, with minimal effort.
  • Standardized: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
  • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
  • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our Cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the Cloud, and when it gets there.