Unit4 releases end-to-end Enterprise Asset Management

Business World becomes the only services-centric ERP with fully integral EAM

Utrecht, Netherlands, 

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced a new, end to end Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution for organizations with building and estate assets to manage and get full transparency of their business, including assets, maintenance and inspection plans and staff resourcing.

Unit4 is the first ERP vendor to create a true end-to-end solution for services-centric industries that connects strategic estate management and planning with mobile operational deployment covering inspections and maintenance.

The new solution provides organizations an asset-centric view of their estate and asset base in one dashboard. Armed with this knowledge, estate managers can ensure a longer asset life, reduced emergency repair costs and reduced disruption to operations. Inspection administration costs can also be reduced by automating the process of scheduling and creating inspection checklists and service orders and efficiently planning maintenance and inspections.

"Tactical execution of an asset management strategy is essential" #assets #ERP #EnSW

Erik Tiden, Unit4 CTO

“In higher education and other people-centric industries, tactical execution of an asset management strategy is essential,” said Erik Tiden, Unit4 CTO. “An organization’s assets are central to delivering a superior experience for customers and stakeholders. We’re taking a new approach by integrating every aspect of enterprise asset management with our Financials, Projects, Procurement and HR ERP modules to deliver a more comprehensive end-to-end solution than has been available in the past. Our customers will have a complete overview of their assets, maintenance and inspection plans and optimal use of staff through a mobile application designed for the field so that operations stay connected.”

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