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Why Unit4?

To progressively boost performance

Unit4 Key visual for boosting performance

How could you achieve more with Unit4?

Attract and retain top talent with an employee experience that differentiates you and drives your 
organization forward. Give employees back the time to focus on the tasks that matter by 
automating administrative tasks. Make work more meaningful for everyone by connecting objectives to
strategy, acting on feedback, providing development and rewarding great performance. For example:

94% improvement in forecasting accuracy

15% reduction in report creation time + improved budgeting & forecasting

500 worker hours saved annually through unified 
HR and payroll

2,500 hours saved annually on managing performance

Understanding your challenges

Here are some of the issues holding back today's organizations from boosting performance successfully

"Our current systems' manual data entry and cumbersome reporting mean we can’t do crucial analysis to help us move forward."

"By the time we discover Finance and 
HR issues, it’s too late to fix things."



“If we want employees to be more productive, we need to give each person 
a clear development path and get them actively engaged.”

"We're really not attracting and retaining the talent that we need for success."

"We can’t see whose skills are the best match to resource projects or cover organizational shortages."

Delivering effective solutions

Boosting your organization's performance doesn't have to be such a struggle – our solutions offer you a better way forward.

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Transform the way you work

  • AI driven – swiftly flag exceptions and avoid costly errors.

  • Automated workflows – drive efficiency across your organization.

  • Real-time insights – enable better informed decision-making.

  • Role-specific workspaces – give quick access to key tasks.

  • Digital assistant (Wanda) – simplify and speed up onboarding.

Develop and retain your top talent

  • Employee self service – enable your people to find the information they need at the touch of a button.

  • Employee engagement tool – take a pulse and take action.

  • Learning management system – develop your people's skills and put their talents to work.

  • Core skills library – map and mobilize your people, to the projects and places where they fit best.

  • Performance and compensation management – recognize and reward great work.

Our customers see the benefits...

It’s now much easier to see and access data in real time. Users are more engaged, active, and able to leverage the system.

Farah Abbas

Director of Technology and Information Management System, Oxfam America

NRS has listened to feedback, and by using Talent Management is supporting people to hold regular, collaborative, one-to-one conversations to develop their careers.

Carina Care

Project Manager, NRS (formerly known as Magnox)

...and the analysts agree

Cover image for BARC planning Survey 2023  
Nucleus: "Realizing value with Unit4 software suite"

Read Nucleus Research's latest report to find out what the key drivers are for customers choosing Unit4's product ecosystem.

3Sixty Insights: NRS migrates HCM and FP&A to the Unit4 cloud

Explore how NRS (formerly known as Magnox) revolutionized HCM and FP&A with a transformative cloud migration, seamlessly integrating people planning and analytics with financial planning and reporting.

    Helping Oxfam America to jumpstart its transformation strategy

    We want Oxfam America to speak with one voice, to be aligned around a common, shared view of data. ... We transformed our back office end-to-end processes to enable our employees to be more productive and efficient.

    Farah Abbas
    Director of Technology and Information Management System, Oxfam America

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    Powering the future

    Discover how this nuclear decommissioning organization (formerly known as Magnox) is driving agile, people-centric business change with integrated Unit4 ERP, FP&A, and Talent Management platforms to bolster organization-wide transformation.

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    A connected Unit4 HCM solution is driving rapid people transformation

    We achieved rapid results by replacing multiple people systems with one platform: time and attendance, HR master data, employee lifecycle management, travel and expenses, project allocation management, people surveys, and talent management. This was a huge change for us, and the entire suite was implemented in less than one year.

    Jussi Eskelinen
    Head of HR, Qvantel

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    Connecting people insights to boost productivity, engagement, and growth

    If something changes in the company, we’re aware of it rapidly. You’re not waiting a year for the next annual survey to arrive in your in-box, which you may or may not respond to. It’s all there in one intuitive dashboard.

    Sofie Van Eemeren
    HR and People Lead, Mobile Vikings

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    Blending core HR, payroll, talent management & finance integration for a 360-degree view of people

    From one system, we have central control over the recruitment to retirement spectrum – including profiles, payslips, time management, and training courses people have attended or are due to attend. That joined-up view enables us to support staff more closely and deliver a more engaging people experience.

    Andrea Whiting
    Systems Manager, Kingston University

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    Content image from Unit4 customer story - Kingston University

    Effective talent management supports growth

    By connecting insights from all aspects of the employee journey, we are improving the employee experience, which results in a more satisfied team of people.

    Ilse Vermeersch
    C4T Co-Founder & Chief People Officer

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    Trusted worldwide by service-focused organizations

    See how our products and services help organizations like yours transform both how they do business and how their people feel about work.

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    Discover more about Unit4 ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software

    Manage your business better with ERP software that puts heightened capabilities in your hands—and helps your people Experience Real Purpose.

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    Discover more about Unit4 HCM – Human Capital Management software

    Engage and inspire with advanced talent management, core HR, payroll and compensation planning solutions that encompass every aspect of how your people find meaning at work.

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    Unit4 key visual for role-focused solutions

    Supporting you in your role

    Discover how our solutions transform the way Finance, Procurement, HR and IT leaders work, helping you to focus on driving key outcomes for your organization.

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