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Why Unit4?

To successfully drive strategy

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Achieve integrated cross-functional alignment with Unit4

Unify your organization and navigate economic disruption by integrating operations data 
with strategy to transform finance, HR and projects. Reduce uncertainty, enhance 
decision-support and remain compliant. Benefit from increased collaboration – 
by reducing complexity, with a central single source of truth. For example:

30 person-days saved per year by streamlined processes

100 Excel files and 1 week of effort cut to 30 minutes and a few clicks

15% reduction in report creation time + improved budgeting & forecasting

2.5 months' effort saved annually in financial planning and analysis processes

Understanding your challenges

Here are some of the issues holding back today's organizations from driving strategy successfully

"It’s hard to get the true picture because of conflicting, duplicate data from different sources and systems."

"We don’t have confidence in our data – it’s trapped in silos and not all up to date or reliable."



“We’re so reliant on spreadsheets and layers of workarounds.   
It’s a manual, inefficient and error-prone approach that adds no value.”

"The data isn’t tracked effectively and there’s no accountability for its quality."

"Decision-making is not transparent – it’s really hard to see and understand what our strategic and tactical choices are based on."

Delivering effective solutions

Driving your organization's strategy doesn't have to be such a struggle – our solutions offer you a better way forward to create value and improve productivity, while moderating spend.

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  • Consolidate data from different sources – navigate unpredictable planning cycles with agility and 
    easily model more scenarios as plans change.

  • Harness enhanced dashboarding and analysis – track performance and easily view numbers across actuals, plan & forecast.

  • Combine workforce planning with financial and 
    operational data – make strategic planning more productive.

  • Integrate with ERP systems to easily reconcile 
    financial data – meet standards for compliance and leadership, even across complex organizational structures.

Our customers see the benefits...

We can now analyze, report, and share the finance data quickly and easily, drilling down to individual transactions and automatically distribute the reports to other stakeholders. Compared with spreadsheets, our financial budgeting and forecasting is one third faster – and the data is dramatically more timely and accurate.

Robert Abery

Management Accountant, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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...and the analysts agree

Winners badge for Dresner Industry excellence Award 20234  
Dresner Industry Excellence Awards 23

Unit4 FP&A has been recognized as an Overall Leader in Enterprise Performance Management with excellent results across all categories.

Cover image for BARC planning Survey 2023  
BARC: "The Planning Survey 23"

Discover why Unit4 FP&A ranks highly – with 17 leading positions across 5 different Peer Groups in the BARC Planning Survey 2023.

Discover more about Unit4 FP&A – Financial Planning & Analysis software

Plan your future with optimized business planning and advanced finance forecasting capabilities powered by AI, machine learning and best practices.

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Discover more about Unit4 ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software

Manage your business better with ERP software that puts heightened capabilities in your hands—and helps your people Experience Real Purpose.

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Graphic showing integration between FP&A and ERP

Achieve more
with your Unit4 solutions

Combine Unit4 FP&A and Unit4 ERP for great results.
Our unified, transparent and agile solution helps you collaborate even better and drive seamlessly aligned operational, strategic and financial planning across your entire organization.

Explore the benefits of integrated FP&A and ERP

    Powering the future

    Discover how this nuclear decommissioning organization (formerly known as Magnox) is driving agile, people-centric business change with integrated Unit4 ERP, FP&A, and Talent Management platforms to bolster organization-wide transformation.

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    Customer Interview: East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    Learn how this emergency services provider for 6 counties in the UK used Unit4 FP&A to reduce budgeting and forecasting times by a third and achieve significantly more timely and accurate data.

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    Customer interview: WSP

    Discover how WSP, one of the world's leading professional services firms, moved away from the labor intensive process of consolidating multiple spreadsheets to spending more time on value added actions with Unit4 FP&A.

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    Highly accurate interlinked forecasting

    Find out how Migros Aare, a cooperative of Switzerland's largest retail company, is using an innovative Retail Performance Management solution with Unit4 FP&A at its core to make life easier for their store managers.

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    Cover image for Migros Aare customer story

    Better planning, budgeting, analysis, and growth

    See how Austria's largest university of applied sciences benefits from a flexible, integrated FP&A solution that provides its Finance team with a single source of truth.

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    Cover image for FH Campus Wien customer story

    Trusted worldwide by service-focused organizations

    See how our products and services help organizations like yours transform both how they do business and how their people feel about work.

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    Supporting you in your role

    Discover how our solutions transform the way Finance, Procurement, HR and IT leaders work, helping you to focus on driving key outcomes for your organization.

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