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Unit4 HCM software
for compensation planning

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Comprehensive global compensation planning

Watch how we can help your organization move on from spreadsheets or outdated software to streamline processes, make better pay decisions, and improve employee engagement and communications.

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Create a better way to work

  • Plan, make and communicate pay decisions in a single, simple-to-use and easy-to-implement solution.

  • Deliver clear, accessible information that today’s workforce expects around pay decisions and opportunities.

  • Define your unique programs, policies and compliance requirements in the solution.

  • Gain insight into your organization and identify trends and issues.

  • Create a single source of truth for all compensation planning data.

Key capabilities

    Unit4 Compensation Planning seamlessly integrates data in one place and streamlines your budgeting and planning processes.

    • Configure multiple compensation plans.
    • Set budgets and guidelines.
    • Automate recommendations and approvals.
    • Generate alerts to stay on track.
    • Establish custom rules to flag exceptions.
    • Allocate pay globally.
    • Generate real-time analytics for fair and accurate pay.
    • Deliver personalized reward statements.

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    Good pay decisions that adhere to your organization’s requirements require data from multiple sources. Unit4 Compensation Planning consolidates data such as:

    • Your company’s policies and budgeting guidelines.
    • Employee performance ratings and historical pay actions.
    • Organization and employee data.
    • External market and survey data.
    • Compliance requirements.
    • Pay equity guidelines.

    With important data in one place, compensation leaders can easily provide budget guidelines to managers for multiple compensation plans, all configured for your organization’s rules and guidelines.

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    Put tools in the hands of your managers, allowing them to make better-informed compensation management decisions for their employees. Equip managers with key data such as:

    • Budget guidelines.
    • Employee time in job, pay range and performance rating information.
    • Pay equity and comparison guidelines.
    • Process timeframes and alerts to stay on track.

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    Screenshot showing the compensation planning capabilities of talent management with Unit4 HCM

    With good data in their hands, managers can make pay decisions linked to performance, company guidelines, equity and other guidelines you determine. The result will be better-informed decisions and conversations with employees.

    Because Compensation planning is not a daily or even weekly task, we’ve designed our solution to be very intuitive and straightforward. It gives managers just the data they need for their teams and guides them to easily provide the inputs to manage the recommendation and approval processes.

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    Are your compensation and incentive programs working to retain and motivate your employees and support your recruitment needs? Analytics from Unit4 Compensation Planning will give you views on key strategic measures that allow you to:

    • Identify and retain at-risk employees.
    • Ensure compensation decisions are equitable across gender and race.
    • Measure pay decisions across your internal compliance requirements.
    • Ensure a more effective recruitment process by using up to date pay ranges that reflect a rapidly changing market.
    • Streamline documentation and reporting.

    Unit4 Compensation Planning provides a comprehensive suite of configurable reports to help document and report on compensation. With just a few keystrokes, compensation professionals can prepare and share the insights that support strategic conversations about compensation spending.

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    It’s easier to recruit, engage and retain talented employees when pay levels are aligned with the market. Allowing employees to visualize their total compensation package with rewards statements facilitates and enhances the one-on-one employee discussion. Unit 4’s total rewards statements are easy to prepare and provide your employees with key information such as:

    • Pay increase amounts shown by merit and promotional changes.
    • Bonus awards.
    • Value of benefits such as 40l(k) match, commuter benefits, health and welfare premiums.
    • Stock allocations.

    Deliver powerful messages about the investment your company makes in your workforce and help employees understand their value, pay equity and opportunities.

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    Trusted worldwide by organizations that serve people

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    “Working with [the company] has been great! The team… has worked very hard to help us deliver on a very tight schedule. The overall feedback from our organization has been really positive. I would definitely recommend Compright [Unit4 Compensation Planning]!”

    Frej Engström
    HR Specialist, Tobii Group

    “This was the first time our organization managed a compensation process via an online tool.” Compright [Unit4 Compensation Planning] “…was not only affordable but also easy for users to adapt to in a short amount of time with little to no training. Their customer service and the care that they put on our needs was very much appreciated. I cannot imagine running this process in excel spreadsheets ever again.”

    Sharon Bulanhagui
    VP – Total Rewards, Univision Inc

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