The Colour Kitchen prepares students for labour market with Unit4 Student Management

Utrecht, Netherlands, 

The Colour Kitchen has gone live on Unit4 Student Management to support the development of its students and to help them work more efficiently. 

On November 1, the organization switched to Unit4's next-generation student information system. Facilitated by partner Accenture, a strategic, close collaboration between Unit4 and Capgemini led to a successful implementation.

Today, The Colour Kitchen has more than 200 students spread over 24 locations, which it is preparing for finding work and reintegrating into the labor market. "To ensure the best outcomes for our students, we needed to work more efficiently", says director Joske Paumen. "We were doing everything in spreadsheets. Because we offer both education and reintegration programs, we were looking for a solution that could handle both functions. We want to be able to follow and support our students well after they leave us, into their new workplace. Unit4 already has experience with large educational institutions in many countries, and its focus on people and user friendliness was clearly an advantage for us."

Thanks to Student Management, The Colour Kitchen benefits from new insights into their students' developments. Educators and coaches not only record results in the system, but personal development is also taken into account. Paumen: "We want to make as much social impact as possible, which is also central to our NO SOCIAL WASTE campaign. Our goal is to give people with untapped talent a chance. In order to realize our social impact, we must be able to support our students well and record our collective successes."

With this, Student Management not only makes it easier for employees to keep track of their results and to enter data into the system themselves, the package also supports the story of The Colour Kitchen externally. "We are very much looking forward to working with the new system", says Paumen. "Our coaches and the practical supervisors will soon spend considerably less time on administrative tasks, and rather on what's important to them - guiding our students. "

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