We are blessed with many talented and creative people at Unit4. Every day, they go out of their way to provide enterprise applications that empower people in service organizations.

We were pleased to learn that many of our colleagues are very inspired outside working hours too – in another field: photography. After starting a photography group on our internal social platform, we were thrilled by all the great artworks they are creating.

Art that moves
As we are passionate about providing an environment for people around us to be successful, we started a new initiative. We are setting up art exhibitions in our offices worldwide to display the fantastic images shot by our own people. As well as an inspiring atmosphere, the photo exhibitions create a talking point for all of our people and guests. Also, as part of our Unit4 Moves initiative, we want to encourage people to stay fit. Therefore, most of the images are hung in our offices’ staircases, encouraging people to take the stairs while admiring the art.
Art that cares
What’s more, the images will help support another great cause. After a while, the current pieces will be replaced with new photography, at which time they will be auctioned off – with all profits going to our Unit4 Cares Foundation.