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Holger Mueller of Constellation Research outlines the characteristics of “one of the most innovative ERP platforms in the market”

Posted by  Robin Schaffer

Part of the Market Overview on SaaS vendor PaaS (to be published later in 2019), this report by Constellation Research independently examines the strengths and weaknesses of Unit4’s capabilities. It also provides recommendations for CxOs who are looking for help in the ERP selection process.

Claus Jepsen, our Deputy CTO, on what 'People experience' really means from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.

Solutions to market challenges

The report takes a balanced approach to analyzing ERP, putting Unit4’s technology in the context of existing and future market trends.

With ERP powering organizations for five decades there has been a dramatic increase in its functionality, and more importantly (as pointed out by Constellation Research), the people experience of those using it.

Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, acknowledges Unit4 has a keen focus on the people experience “Unit4 has taken a step further, though, making people experience a cornerstone to its architecture, focusing on the creation of engaging and efficient user experiences.” For service industries this is off course critical, and about more than just Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and usability.

A unique approach for service industries

Unit4’s People Platform, built for services industries like Professional Services Organizations, Public Services, Higher Education, and Non-Profits,  utilizes microservices, smart automation, pluggable extensions and conversational assistants in the public cloud. With these capabilities, it is centered upon improving both the people experience and organizational agility so that growth can be accelerated. Mueller goes even further citing it as “one of the most innovative ERP platforms in the market.”

Read the report to understand what the latest ERP trends are for services organizations and which key criteria you should analyze to select the right ERP platform for you.

The report can be found here.

Robin Schaffer

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