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In business for people; in business for everyone

from  April 20, 2020 | 1 min read

Now, more than ever, people are looking for a sense of purpose from their work and their wider social environment. People are searching for organizations who value all of their attributes and look further than just skills on a CV. They want a role that utilizes and makes the most of their talents, whilst encouraging them to push outside of their comfort zone. They want to have a voice that is heard and the ability to make an impact, no matter what their background or beliefs.

Diversity and inclusion are words that are increasingly used across the C-Suite and within HR teams across the globe. But they are much more than just buzz words, they are an integral part of the make-up of successful organizations. A diverse and inclusive workforce fosters creativity and innovation and challenges the status quo - essential characteristics for businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors and thrive in globalized markets.

Unit4’s strap-line is in business for people. As Chief People Officer I couldn’t ask for a better one, but it’s much more than just words, it’s our DNA and the heart of our global culture. A culture where people feel like they belong without having to conform, where their contributions matters, where everyone has the opportunity to inspire.

People first, everything else will follow. Choose curiosity, embrace challenges. Make an impact and be proud. Be genuine and be true to yourself. These are our values and are what everyone at Unit4 lives by each and every day; no matter who they are, where they work, or what their role. Everyone is encouraged to seek out moments to challenge the status-quo. To be bold. To be authentic. To get involved and take steps to be heard, not sit on the side-lines. It’s our unwavering belief in the strength of authenticity that sets us apart.

Today, April 20 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that does not differentiate, Unit4 will launch Diversity4U, our diversity and inclusion program. Diversity4U is about the power of all of us, embracing our differences and learning from each other, having one common goal - to make our People Experience stand out from the rest.

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Image of Lisa Dodman - Chief People Officer at Unit4

Lisa Dodman

Unit4 Chief People Success Officer

Lisa has spent 25 years in HR working globally within generalist roles, and 18 years in the software industry largely in ERP and PLM organizations. Used to defining strategy and driving business transformations, Lisa has been instrumental since joining Unit4 in 2015, refocusing the business on talent enablement, leadership development, millennial hiring and engagement