ICYMI: Watch the Nonprofit highlights from Experience4U
X4U nonprofit highlights

ICYMI: Watch the nonprofit highlights from Experience4U

After our first ever virtual global conference, Experience4U, last month, a customer mentioned to me that he had attended almost as though he was in the same room with us, like at previous conferences. He took a break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day tasks to join the conference and give it his full attention. Working from home, always in front of my screens, with the emails rolling in and my to-do list staring me down, I have to admit I've been registering for lots of webinars and digital events, and then multi-tasking like crazy, which means I only absorb a little of what I'm trying to learn and it takes me longer to complete what I'm working on...

So, inspired by our customer's straight-forward genius, my new resolution is to give digital events the same focus I would the in-person professional development opportunities that I miss so much. The beauty of digital events that are available on-demand, is that I can set aside this time whenever it works for my schedule - in big blocks or small chunks.

So block your calendar, pop some corn, and settle in for great discussions about the challenges nonprofit organizations are facing right now, the trends and strategies leaders are using to drive more impact, and how technology can help - whenever it suits you. Check out some of the highlights from our nonprofit sessions in the video below, and be sure to explore other great sessions and keynotes.

"We wanted to think outside the box, we wanted to push some boundaries here."

Farah Abbas, Oxfam America



Over two half days, over 3,000 attendees joined us to hear from some of our customers, amazing keynote speakers including Lady Marieme Jamme, founder of iamtheCODE, and Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, as well as thought-leaders in our own organization - from CEO Mike Ettling and James Shand, our Chief Customer Officer, to Jeroen Figgee, our Senior Solution Manager for nonprofit.

On Day 2, we switched our focus from product to industry, which is where you'll find the nonprofit specific sessions. We featured a great conversation with Roman Lerman of Accenture Development Partnerships about how everything is moving to the cloud, and how nonprofits should think about their digital transformation plans.

"95% of decision-makers are more likely to give money or support to a nonprofit that shows how they're using technology to run their programs in a better way."

Roman Lerman, Accenture Development Partnerships

Our customers, Oxfam America and Nuclear Waste Management Organization, joined us to explain how their cloud ERP projects fit into their larger digital transformation strategies and why it was so important to them. We also explain our nonprofit model to help you transition more easily and quickly, taking advantage of industry best practices and our compliance to the Common Data Model. Plus, hear perspectives from Save the Children International and Missouri Botanical Gardens on how their teams have adapted during this challenging year.

"For me, I think the silver lining [of working from home] is I feel a lot closer to my team, being a globally dispersed team of over a hundred people, than I ever would have done had I stayed office-based, working on a day-to-day basis."

Julian McGovern, Save the Children International

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Jessica Tatlow

Jessica Tatlow

Global Marketing Director, Higher Education & Nonprofit

Being in business for people in Higher Education and Nonprofit means helping our customers connect more easily with the important work they do to serve their communities. People only need technology in so far as it empowers them to innovate on processes that will help them deliver more impact. My goal is to communicate how enterprise digital transformation can help you do just that.