High-speed delivery

A quick and effortless journey to the Cloud. Live in as little as 20 working days.


Fixed migration fee

A fixed price for the whole migration process – no surprises along the way.



Minimal disruption

A clear onboarding plan, delivered by a team of cloud migration experts.



Full transparency

Transparent project overview, based on a Cloud Migration Assessment.


Access to the latest innovations in as little as 20 days.

When moving to the cloud, aim high. Work with people that deliver what you need, as easily as you would like, and for a fixed upfront fee. This is what we call Stratospheric Cloud Migration.

Based on our strong experience in cloud, we’ve developed a methodology that ensures to get you up and running in the cloud in as little as 20 days, giving you complete access to all the latest innovation that Unit4 can offer.

Magnox: a Cloud Migration success story

less effort needed to manage the solution, thanks to migrating to the Cloud
less time taken to produce reports
"Unit4 has been a great partner for many years and Business World has delivered strong operational benefits. Moving to the cloud has made us even more streamlined and effective and has allowed us to take advantage of improving technology faster."
– Mary Kent, Head of IT Programmes

Your Cloud Migration journey


Unit4’s migration process builds on your unique needs as a customer, delivering a cloud migration journey that is fast, effortless and completely transparent. Take a look at our infographic for a step-by-step overview of the Unit4 Cloud Migration journey.

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We start your journey to the cloud  by evaluating your current solution environment and your needs, with the Cloud Migration Assessment. Based on the assessment, we will map out your cloud migration journey and provide a fixed price for the duration of the whole migration process.

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