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November 16-17, 2021

Bring People Experience to Life

Join us this November at X4U — our two-day global, virtual event — tailored to bring you and your Unit4 community together to learn, share and engage.

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    Experience Connection

    Expand your circle and build shared experiences

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    Experience Impact

    Join our keynote speakers to get inspiration and ideas

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    Experience Real Purpose

    Focus on what matters with real stories and real results

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What's it all about?

Hit "Play" to watch highlights from last year's X4U and get a flavour of the experience.

“This event was energetic, interesting and the bite size presentations worked well for me - a great cross section of material and inspiring speakers.”

Why Attend?

Our enterprise software, the Unit4 People Experience Suite, serves people-centric organizations in purpose-led industries such as education, government, nonprofits and professional services.

  • X4U offers you opportunities to learn, share and build community, as we bring People Experience to life.

  • Come explore what it means to free people to focus on the work they live for.

  • Over two days, we'll share a rich agenda of speakers and sessions focused on industry trends, best practices, case studies, and getting the most from your Unit4 investment.

X4U Join us for an unforgettable event that will help you drive exponential impact where it matters most.

“Unit4 is bringing new perspectives to a mature market with its approach to ERPx. Its flagship event, X4U, offers a lively platform for mid-market organizations that want to understand how to modernize their digital strategies and explore new ways of gaining value from their ERP, HCM and FP&A.”

Holger Mueller VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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if you have a story of your own to tell and want to share your organization’s vision – and how your partnership with Unit4 has shaped your digital journey – please get in touch with us!

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