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Catch up with the best from X4U 2021

Experience a better you

X4U 2021 – our two-day global virtual event – was all about helping you create a better you, and how Unit4 can support you as workers, leaders, dreamers, and achievers as you navigate the acceleration of digital transformation brought about by COVID-19.

We want to help you become masters of your digital ecosystems. So, X4U 2021 has been designed to help you get the most from the event and to show you how the People Experience Suite lets you control and automate your operations exactly as you need it to.

  • Sessions dedicated to real-life use cases, customer success stories, and the tips and tricks you'll need to leverage the People Experience Suite to automate your operations and orchestrate the perfect system.

  • A comprehensive vision of how Unit4 puts you in control of everything - without having to control everything yourself.

Unit4 is bringing new perspectives to a mature market with its approach to ERPx. Its flagship event, X4U, offers a lively platform for mid-market organizations that want to understand how to modernize their digital strategies and explore new ways of gaining value from their ERP, HCM and FP&A.

Holger Mueller

VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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