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People are at the heart of what higher education institutions do. You create physical and virtual communities, where each person can succeed: the students ready to learn and grow; the dedicated faculty and staff, who provide the environment, support and inspiration for them to achieve their potential. People are what we’re all about too. We make technology and big data work for you to overcome today’s challenges, freeing your people to focus on education and research outcomes instead of administration, so you can do the work that really matters: equipping your students to create a better future.

Your world

Today’s institutions don’t just operate against a backdrop of unprecedented change and complexity – you are facing major, disruptive global trends that include:

High expectations for 24/7 service from digital-native students

Increased competition for funding and income

The rise of outcome-dependent funding

New economic models and delivery demands

Your needs

Successful institutions are responding to global trends by applying a variety of strategies, such as: serving students as customers and supporting them throughout their journey; better managing people, finances and data; and streamlining research program administration. And these trends have very real and immediate effects on the day-to-day ability of your teams to deliver on your objectives, and the specific challenges that you need to address:
Boosting student success | Accelerating institutional growth | Improving institutional effectiveness | Delivering research excellence

Our help

At Unit4, we are dedicated to delivering a truly aligned solution suite in response to your needs and challenges:

A dedicated student information system (SIS): Unit4 Student Management to automate key processes: admissions, academics, financial aid, billing, communications analytics & reporting and system management.

A core ERP platform: Unit4 Business World (for finance, budgets, projects, HR and payroll, estates and asset management), enriched with solutions for research management, and for planning, analysis and reporting: Unit4 Prevero.

Building customer success

of ongoing annual savings
20 days
of expensive external IT consulting saved each year
…and counting, in accumulated savings
There was pretty much consensus by our entire Steering Board that we did not want Oracle, because we would have had horrific cost and maintenance issues. We wanted the ability to make needed changes ourselves, which we can get from the Unit4 Business World solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.
– Ian Sibbald, Director of Finance

Meet our Higher Ed customers

Unit4 provides student management, SIS, ERP, analytics and research management solutions to over 750 colleges and universities globally, helping them to accelerate growth, boost student success, improve institutional effectiveness and deliver research excellence. Meet some of them, including:

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