Migros Aare selects Unit4 Prevero Solution for integrated business and HR planning



  • "We are amazed that a standard software solution can handle our complex requirements with such ease and flexibility"

Munich, 18th January 2019 – Migros Aare is one of ten regional cooperatives belonging to the Swiss retail company Migros. It covers the cantons of Aargau, Bern and Solothurn and comprises 124 supermarket branches. To manage all relevant company data and ensure both data security and reliable processes, Migros Aare needs a sophisticated, intelligent software system. The company had been using a tool for several years but decided to replace it and was considering two different options. Firstly, having a new custom software designed or secondly choosing an existing system that could be tailored to the business’s specific needs.  

After several presentations and a detailed proof of concept, four providers were shortlisted and Unit4’s Prevero Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solution was selected. The implementation project was launched in March 2018 and will involve three project phases. The final go live is scheduled for mid-2019. By the end of the final project phase, approximately 160 users will be working with the new system.

Integrated approach and intuitive handling

Theres Stefan, project leader at Migros Aare, said: “It is crucial for us to have a fully integrated approach that allows us to work with data from cost centers, HR planning and budgeting on many different levels across all of our supermarkets. In addition to delivering these capabilities, Unit4’s Prevero’s branch management capabilities, enable our branch managers to enter and process data themselves in line with our self-service concept.”

The solution’s intuitive handling and the fact that users can model data cubes themselves and customise them to their requirements also impress the Migros team. “We are truly amazed that a standard software could handle our very individual and complex requirements with such ease and flexibility,’’ added Theres.

“We are very happy that Migros Aare has selected us as its new business partner,’’ said Matthias Thurner, Chief Product Officer for Unit4. ‘’Once again, we can see how important the self-service approach has become when it comes to software tools. Allowing branch managers to process their HR and planning data in a decentralised way gives the company considerably more flexibility and freedom.’’


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