Industry-specific solutions, designed for your needs

  • Unit4 for Education and Research

    Student Management – Finance – HR – Research Management

    Power Academic and Research Success. Unit4 now provides solutions to over 400 education and research institutions around the world, working closely with them to develop truly agile, people-centric administration solutions focused around staff, researchers and students.

    Our customers use our solutions to:

    • Power institutional growth.
    • Elevate student success.
    • Deliver research excellence.
    • Streamline administration.

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  • Unit4 for Professional Services

    Projects – Finance – Budgeting and Planning – Reporting – HR – Procurement

    Be efficient and profitable – in every project. Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of project-intensive professional services firms around the world that strive to succeed, while managing business change:

    Our customers use our solutions to:

    • Grow revenue and profits.
    • Deliver project success.
    • Gain business insight.
    • Provide superior service.

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  • Unit4 for Non-profit organizations and NGOs

    Finance – HR – Budgeting and Planning – Procurement – Reporting – Grant Management

    Focus on what really matters. Unit4 provides solutions to hundreds of charities, NGOs and Non-profit organizations around the world that need enterprise applications that significantly reduce the cost of governance, management and administration.

    Our customers use our solutions to:

    • Put their purpose and people at the heart of the system.
    • Keep their supporters up to date.
    • View their financial health at anytime.
    • Concentrate on helping others.

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  • Unit4 for Financial Services Firms

    Finance – Budgeting and Planning – Procurement – Reporting – Process & Control Automation

    Focus on what really matters. Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of dynamic financial service firms around the world that are determined to achieve superior service and growth despite industry challenges. 

    Our international clients use our solutions to:

    • Increase Control.
    • Gain Business Insight.
    • Greater Strategic Decisions.
    • Improve Profitability.

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  • Unit4 for Public Sector

    Finance – HR – Budgeting and Planning – Procurement – Reporting – Projects – Estates Management

    Value for money, without compromise. Unit4 provides solutions to more than 1,500 public services customers worldwide, enabling them to do more with less while benefiting from flexible, scalable enterprise software that provides the best value anywhere.

    Our customers use our solutions to:

    • Cut the taxpayer burden
    • Serve Citizens better
    • Unlock Civil Servants' potential
    • Use data securely

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  • Unit4 for Travel

    Finance – HR – Budgeting and Planning – Procurement – Reporting – Projects - Process & Automation

    Deliver exceptional customer service. Unit4 has worked closely with Travel Management Companies around the world and is proud to call 50% of the TMCs on the Travel Weekly Power List our customers year after year.

    Our customers use our solutions to:

    • Adapt to business change.
    • Gain efficiency by simplifying tasks.
    • Unlock business information.
    • Deliver customer satisfaction.

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Delivering solutions for your people

  • ERP

    ERP with post-implementation agility

    Field Service – Finance – HR – Planning – Procurement – Projects – Reporting & Analytics

    What we do: With Unit4 you can manage your entire services operation in a single, integrated, cloud ERP suite. Our solutions are designed around the people who use them, so they’re quick to roll out, a joy to work with, fast to deliver real benefits and easy to change.

    Why we’re different: Traditional ERP solutions are too hard to use and need recoding by specialists when changes are needed after implementation. Our ERP solutions are designed from the ground up to help users easily adapt the system themselves, to reflect ongoing business or operational changes. So you’ll always be agile.

    Unit4 ERP solutions

  • Office of the CFO

    People-centric solutions to empower the finance team

    Accounting – Auditing – Cash Management – Consolidation – Reporting & Analytics

    What we do: Unit4 puts your finance team at the heart of the organization – in control, with full visibility. Our solutions enable you to streamline and automate finance processes, embed best-practice operation and improve business visibility, compliance and corporate governance for even the largest, most complex or fast-changing enterprises.

    Why we’re different: Traditional finance systems are difficult to set up, hard to use and require expert assistance whenever something in the organization changes. Our solutions are light, flexible and agile – easy to mold precisely to your organization and keep in step through ongoing change, to deliver the precise data and insights you need.

    Unit4 Office of the CFO solutions

  • Office of HR

    Agile solutions for total people management

    Absence Management – HR – Payroll – Resource Planning – Time Management – Travel & Expenses

    What we do: Unit4’s suite of total people management solutions provide smart facilities for employees and end-to-end support for HR teams. They are designed to help you perform this essential function more efficiently and effectively, with unrivaled agility to handle fast-changing organizational demands, evolving corporate structures or new legislation.

    Why we’re different: Traditional, separate, insular HR systems often require expert assistance and duplicated manual work whenever something in the organization changes. Our integrated suite of solutions are easy to keep in step with your organization and employee updates are made in just one place. This frees up resources to help your team analyze, reflect and deliver ongoing change.

    Unit4 Office of HR solutions

Supporting organizations like yours

  • “We chose Unit4 because it is focused on people-centric businesses, where project accounting is the top priority. Perhaps most importantly, the architecture and workflow simplifies functionality extensions for users. Only Unit4 combines robust and comprehensive features with a modern underlying technology and the ability to extend its capabilities with ease.”

    - The Judge Group

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  • "The global Unit4 implementation will allow us to be true to one of our five core values which is Accountability – we take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and, most of all, children."

    - Save the Children

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  • "Unit4's research management solution promises the control universities like Monash require to be world leading."

    - CIO, Monash University

  • "During conversations with the Unit4 consultants and demonstrations of the software, it was apparent that this software could considerably raise the formalization, visibility and auditablity of our business operations"

    - Manager Financial Administration, AXA Insurances B.V.

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  • “The Unit4 solution is designed to support the city and affords us the power to quickly and easily adjust to new circumstances as they arise.”

    - Robin Wishart, Director of Corporate Support

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