Unit4 launches industry-specific Value Accelerators to speed time to value for ERP implementations

Victoria, BC and Manchester, NH, 


  • Value Accelerators reduce time to value by up to 60%
  • Instant business value from industry best practice implementation
  • An ERP launch platform designed for services-centric organizations

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for services organizations, today launched new industry-specific Value Accelerators to further speed ERP time to value for services organizations globally.

The new offering enables Unit4 customers to benefit from even faster time to value based on deep industry-specific cloud solutions across a range of services industry sectors including professional services, education, public sector and non-profit. Customers will be able to rapidly harness the benefits of Unit4’s new generation of self-driving ERP.

Unit4 is a leader in delivering time to value already. Unit4 Business World ERP is designed specifically to meet the needs of services organizations, with an easy-change architecture. Customers report rapid time to value compared to other systems on the market. A 2015 IDC whitepaper titled “The Financial Impact of ERP Architecture on the Annual Cost of Business Change” showed “the general ERP customer population needed to do more moderate to substantial customizations to meet implementation needs [than Unit4 customers].”

“Services organizations are looking for ways to maximize their technology investments to get them ahead. As such, those organizations require services-centric ERP solutions with great user experience relevant to specific business challenges. Unit4 offers such solutions together with an innovative implementation approach that further compresses time to value,” said Goncalo Leitao, EVP Global Services at Unit4. 

"Unit4 offers solutions together with an innovative implementation approach that compresses time to value."

Goncalo Leitao, EVP Global Services

Unit4’s new Value Accelerators consist of pre-defined templates based on industry best practices. They will further reduce ERP implementation time by up to 60% and provide a launch platform, which delivers instant industry value, ready for differentiating configurations. Customers will benefit from rapid time to value while meeting specific industry challenges.

According to Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and VP, Constellation Research, Inc., “The enterprise technology landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Technology advances and the rise of cloud are delivering more choice for enterprise buyers who want flexible systems and quick time to value. The days of monolithic ERP implementations are over. Services organizations in particular want to focus on the services they deliver and expect their software to deliver quick wins. The vendors that understand their customer’s specific industry requirements and deliver that value will stand out from the rest.”



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Global PR Manager