Slack integration

Unit4 announces integration with Slack

Victoria, BC & Manchester, NH, 


  • Brings team communications together in Unit4 Business World and Slack.com
  • Changes the way teams collaborate, manage projects and deliver services
  • Supports people-centric approach to ERP for services organizations

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced a new integration with Slack.com, the messaging app for business teams. Slack delivers service industry professionals using Unit4’s people-centric ERP software a useful communications extension so that updates in Unit4’s Communities workspace become part of their Slack stream and vice versa.

The two-way integration enables Unit4 customer teams to bring together all communications in one place, replacing the need for project-related in-team email. Teams can organize conversations in open channels related to a specific project, topic, team or customer for example, increasing productivity and efficiency. As Unit4 achieves its vision of self-driving ERP, where applications self-learn to deliver real business insight, in-team collaboration and rapid response to opportunities will become a competitive differentiator.


"Service teams can keep up on project status through the Slack.com mobile app. without being logged into Unit4"

Erik Tiden, CTO

Both Slack and Unit4 Business World are available via mobile applications making this a powerful solution for distributed teams across different geographies.

“Slack has become a popular collaboration tool for business as it is simple to use and ties together the many other disparate tools we use today like Dropbox, Google Docs and Twitter,” said Erik Tiden, Unit4 CTO. “It won’t replace business email anytime soon but is a powerful alternative to in-team email. Teams can be up and running in seconds working together in open and private groups around any project or initiative. It again underlines our people-centric approach to ERP. For service teams working with our Business World ERP, it means they don’t always have to be logged into the system but can keep up on project status through the Slack.com mobile app, and conversations can be extended to customers and other external stakeholders.”



Ryan Lilly

Account Manager


Emma Keates

Global PR Manager