Power institutional growth

Improve student recruitment and improve relationships with supporters

Elevate student success

Improve retention and propel your students toward graduation and employment

Deliver research excellence

Increase funding and project management for ground-breaking research

Improve institutional effectiveness

Track and report on your key institutional metrics

What if your student information system supported growth?

In the continually shifting and competitive higher education landscape, delivering the right strategy for growth is critical for survival. Many institutions find that their legacy student information systems make it harder to adapt to new models, hampering Admissions and Advancement efforts. 

Unit4 Student Management supports growth strategies across the entire campus and student lifecycle:

  • Admissions technology with configurable workflows that automate outreach campaigns based on prospect behavior
  • Streamlined application processes that create program-specific application types and document management
  • Relationship management tools that build long-term affiliations with alumni and partners.

Unit4 Student Management helps Admissions and Advancement leaders to focus on recruitment and relationships, not routine tasks. 

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Deliver a digital upgrade to students, faculty and staff

Students, faculty and staff have come to expect more as they experience a technological revolution in their personal lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to their campus life, they often experience a “digital downgrade” using dated systems that don’t meet their high expectations.

With Unit4 Student Management, you can provide your students, faculty and staff with an intuitive experience built for today’s mobile user. What once was a source of disappointment has now become a competitive advantage.

With its adaptive architecture and configurable setup, Unit4 Student Management is a next-generation student information system built for change. You can update strategies and processes quickly and easily, lowering your IT investment and system support costs, while improving the user experience for faculty, staff and students.

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Unit4 has worked closely with hundreds of colleges and universities around the world that strive to serve students while conducting world-changing research.

  • "We started this process in partnership with Selkirk College but Unit4 has also become a close partner as the process progresses. Their team listens to our needs and is able to understand our requirements. We're looking forward to continuing to work with Unit4 and have complete confidence in their dedication to helping us succeed."

    - Elfie Smith, Chief Transformation and Project Director at VIU

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  • "We had very specific requests, but all of the challenging things we put forward were met head-on with confidence and a feeling of partnership from Unit4."

    - Gary Leier, CFO at Selkirk College

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  • “CAMS Enterprise stood out as the best ERP solution to help us achieve our strategic goals, particularly around operational excellence and student success.”

    - President, Grayson College

  • "It was not about meeting the needs we see today; it was about meeting the needs we don't even know about yet. And that's what our fundamental investment [in Unit4 Business World] had to be all about."

    - VP and CIO, Augsburg College

  • "The university is on a big drive to expand and grow, and to be able to meet that growth we need a scalable system and we need scalable business processes to grow along with it, and we are comfortable and confident that we have built that using Unit4 at the core."

    - Darryl Karleen, Project Manager

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  • "Today we can access data that we never had before. College deans and project coordinators can view detailed information about each individual program - information such as revenue and expenses, travel costs, and profitability - instantaneously. It's right there at their fingertips. And they can use that information to make sound business decisions. It saves times, money, and makes us all much more efficient than every before."

    - Finance Manager, Bow Valley College

    Watch the full success story

Student Management

What if your technology could help you to retain more students, and propel them towards graduation and employment?

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Student success is more important for an institution to achieve than ever. The increasingly transactional nature of the student-university relationship means applicants study retention, graduation and employment rates in granular detail. It is vital that institutions are able to monitor, report and improve these rates so they can compete with both traditional and emerging competitors.

Unit4 Student Management allows you to predict retention rates and target at-risk students with support and specific communications. Students are supported through campus life with a personal, branded and intuitive student portal on any device, at any time. Administrators can change digital offerings using intuitive interfaces – no hard coding required. In-memory analytics can be deployed to set up dashboards to measure KPIs. The result is streamlined administration that frees up student time for studies, and administration time for personalized support.

Designed for people

Unit4 solutions for Education work with your skilled staff so they can focus on education and research instead of administration. Specific modules have been designed to deal with key tasks and deliver the results you need.

  • Academic Affairs

    • Retain more students – Create student risk indicators unique to your institution and intervene with interaction plans and alerts to keep them on track.
    • Improve completion rates – Provide students with a clear understanding of how to progress toward graduation with degree audit tools.
    • Propel institutional planning – Answer important assessment-related questions with advanced reporting and built-in analytics.
  • Finance Directors

    • Improve financial transparency – View and analyze data from individual departments and across the campus, from granular detail to intuitive big-picture visualizations.
    • Reduce costs – Improve workflow and deploy self-service tools to establish a more ‘commercial’ culture that improves efficiency.
    • Increase revenue – Assess revenue-generating opportunities across the institution including housing, facilities, and instruction.
  • Research Administrators

    • Empower your academics – Reduce administration and comply with funding constraints by simplifying complex reporting and workflow.
    • Increase research revenue – Assess the financial viability of potential research projects with accurate Full Economic Costing (FEC) and ensure timely funder billing.
    • Improve customer service – Manage information from a unified technology platform to provide continuity of service across the campus.
  • Head of Admissions

    • Automate your outreach campaigns – Trigger communications and follow-up tasks with configurable workflows based on prospect behavior.
    • Streamline your application process – Create program-specific application types with customized status change and document management processing.
    • Focus on recruiting, not your data – Stop worrying about transfer of data between systems with native integration between admissions and enrollment.
  • Registrar

    • Unlimited course enrollment flexibility – Set up any type of registration based on your unique needs – from traditional to non-traditional to corporate training.
    • Streamline curriculum management – Save time and hassles by copying course offering templates across the curriculum.
    • Build actionable reports – Use dashboard reporting tools to build actionable lists based on any field across the system.
  • Financial Aid Director

    • Manage all types of aid programs – Administer the full range of institutional aid programs – students loans, grants and scholarships.
    • Stay compliant with evolving regulatory mandates – Use built-in and ad hoc reports to stay compliant with all requirements of federal and state aid programs.
    • Automate award packaging – Mass auto-package student awards in priority order based on federal, institutional, or borrower-based rules.
  • Head of Advancement

    • Improve fundraising – Acquire, retain and upgrade donors using robust marketing tools and embedded analytics.
    • Identify and nurture prospects – Configure and automate personalized outreach campaigns based on prospect demographics and behavior.
    • Strengthen donor relationships – Gain a 360-degree view of alumni and donors with an institution-wide CRM that leverages relationships across departments and constituent groups.
  • Faculty and Advisors

    • Identify and intervene with at-risk students – Receive notifications and execute intervention plans with at-risk students while there’s still time to turn them around.
    • Track all types of academic milestones – Monitor any type of program milestone specific to your institution, such as clinical hours, dissertation, etc.
  • Students

    • Provide an intuitive, mobile experience – Meet the expectations of today’s tech-savvy students with touch-first design available anytime, anywhere, on any device.
    • Keep students on track towards graduation – Help your students make good academic choices with degree audit and degree shopping tools.
    • Improve students’ personal ROI – Equip students with everything they need to manage all their academic affairs in one convenient place.

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What if financial impacts of research opportunities, bids and projects were fully transparent?

The business of research is more complex than ever before. Global institutions and new entrants are competing for funds, and funders expect increasing levels of financial compliance.

Unit4 Research Management helps you outperform the competition. It provides transparency from commercial, compliance and financial perspectives and unlocks insights with in-memory analytic tools so that academic, business development and finance teams can plan success. And it automates more financial and project administration tasks so that skilled researchers can focus on world-changing research. 

Download the Seven Deadly Sins of Research Inefficiency
and read how the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge simplify their
Research, Costing and Pricing

What if you could divert money from the back office to front line services?

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With Unit4 Business World, you’ll be able to do more with less. An integrated, self-driving ERP can help your highly skilled staff minimize time-consuming manual administrative tasks, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. The result is that your staff have more time to motivate and mentor, research and discover. 

Unit4 Business World is designed to be configured – and reconfigured – by your employees. Systems adapt to change faster, without expensive IT contractors. This lowers the total cost of ownership, liberating funds to be redirected to front-line services.

The result is complete control of your institution’s finances, people and projects, so you can attract and retain the best students, undertake world-changing research, and maintain leadership among your peers in higher education. 

Read how Royal Roads University has taken control of its data and improved growth with Unit4 Business World

What if you could easily monitor, report and improve on key institutional metrics?

Tuition pricing pressure, shrinking budgets, and higher expectations from constituents have created a new economic model for colleges and universities to be better stewards of their resources. Unfortunately, outdated systems result in manual workarounds that delay services to students and encourage inaccurate recordkeeping. Shadow systems and siloed operations create an opaque information hub that discourages collaboration and undermines data integrity. And disconnected administrative systems make it difficult to craft budgets and control spending, and to quantify the ROI of your human capital.

To overcome these obstacles, Unit4 Education Solutions are built on the flexible Unit4 People Platform that enables you to adapt your strategies and processes without needing to hire expensive IT consultants to modify your system. You can maintain a laser focus on key metrics with visual dashboards and embedded analytics that get the right information in the right hands at the right time. With Unit4 Student Management, you can eliminate the expense of maintaining pieced-together systems by automating the entire student lifecycle. And with Business World ERP’s unified finance, HR, payroll, projects and procurement systems, you can increase financial transparency while reducing costs through improved workflow processes and productivity-enhancing self-service tools.