Unit4 Education Solutions Suite

Unit4 Education Solutions is delivering the first end-to-end, next-generation education management solution suite to directly empower your institution to deliver on institutional growth, boost student success, deliver research excellence and improve institutional effectiveness.


"Unit4 Student Management, combined with Unit4’s Business World ERP and Research Management solutions, is set to be a game-changing alternative in the Higher Education and Research industries." Technology Analyst, Gartner

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A better solution: ERP

Unit4 Business World – A unified finance, HR, payroll, projects and procurement system delivering tangible benefits including improving financial transparency, automating workflow processes and productivity, and assessing revenue-generating opportunities across your institution.

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A better solution: Student Information System

Unit4 Student Management – What we call the “CRM for everyone,” is the first ever student information system that effectively manages the lifecycle of every key constituent, from faculty and staff to students and alumni, to external partners and patrons, all via an intuitive, touch-first user interface accessible on all devices.

Unit4 CAMS Enterprise – CAMS Enterprise is the precursor to our next-generation student information system, Unit4 Student Management. It manages the full admissions-to-alumni lifecycle in a single system that keeps your data organized and accessible.

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A better solution: CPM

Unit4 Performance Management (prevero) – A single platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, integrated business planning and financial budgeting. The Performance Management solution seamlessly integrates data from your SIS and ERP systems to give you all the facts and inform confident decision-making.

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A better solution: Research Management


Unit4 Research Management  – A full economic research costing and pricing solution that enables the production of accurate cost estimates and agreement on appropriate prices for grant applications and research contracts. Research Management allows you to maximize research funding, create high quality research and increase research revenue.

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Unit4 has worked closely with hundreds of colleges and universities around the world that strive to serve students while conducting world-changing research.

  • "Today we can access data that we never had before. College deans and project coordinators can view detailed information about each individual program - information such as revenue and expenses, travel costs, and profitability - instantaneously. It's right there at their fingertips. And they can use that information to make sound business decisions. It saves times, money, and makes us all much more efficient than every before."

    - Finance Manager, Bow Valley College

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  • "The university is on a big drive to expand and grow, and to be able to meet that growth we need a scalable system and we need scalable business processes to grow along with it, and we are comfortable and confident that we have built that using Unit4 at the core."

    - Darryl Karleen, Project Manager

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  • “CAMS Enterprise stood out as the best ERP solution to help us achieve our strategic goals, particularly around operational excellence and student success.”

    - President, Grayson College

  • "It was not about meeting the needs we see today; it was about meeting the needs we don't even know about yet. And that's what our fundamental investment [in Unit4 Business World] had to be all about."

    - VP and CIO, Augsburg College