Manchester Metropolitan University improves the student experience with next-generation technology

Posted by  Austin Laird

With 38,000 students and over 50,000 applicants per year Manchester Metropolitan University is a large, modern and progressive institution. It has a “driving ambition to discover and disseminate knowledge, to make higher education accessible and beneficial to all those with the passion and ability to succeed.”

Unit4 Student Management is helping the university enhance the quality of experience students receive on campus by simplifying and unifying the entire student journey – from enquiry to alumni.

In this video Andrew Kemp, Transformation Director and Vincent Fitzpatrick, Director of Student Journey Operations at Manchester Metropolitan University, explain how Unit4’s Student Management System has enabled them to “simplify every interaction the student has with the university, use digital technology to enable that to happen, and create a seamless experience for students”.

The challenges

Like other universities, Manchester Metropolitan University faces the challenge of delivering a student experience that stands out in the higher education marketplace.

As expectations of digital services increase, it’s more important than ever for universities to provide students with effortless interactions. To achieve this, Manchester Metropolitan University embarked on a Student Journey Transformation Programme – underpinned by Unit4 Student Management.


The University was keen to use a future-looking technology platform that could adapt to change and be capable of working across any device. There are many other benefits, for staff it centralizes information allowing academics to analyze student behaviour and offer timely and suitable support. And rather than having to spend time on administering campus affairs, students have more space to focus on activities that are important to them like study and other extra-curricular activities.

By watching this video you will learn the steps Andrew, Vincent and their team have taken to streamline Manchester Metropolitan University’s operations and improve the lives of its students on campus.

Manchester Metropolitan University transforms the student journey from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.

Austin Laird

Product Director Higher Education