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"Suites always beat best-of-breed” - The advantages of moving to a single Cloud provider

Cloud migration trends suggest moving to a single-suite ERP solution may become an essential strategy for many businesses. 

This approach provides integrated systems with a single source of reliable data, enhanced cybersecurity, industry-specific expertise, continuous innovation, and the ability to leverage the power of AI. 

Ray Wang, Founder, Chairman, and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, recently spoke at our Unit4 global virtual event about trends in the ERP industry, including Cloud migration, its benefits, better decision-making with AI and automation, and why ERP suites always beat best-of-breed. 

You can hear Ray’s on-demand session or read this blog to hear our highlights inspired by Ray’s keynote at our virtual X4U event – keep reading to discover the benefits of a single Cloud suite.

A single source of integrated data

Switching to a single Cloud provider isn't just a technical upgrade, it's a strategic game-changer. By housing all your data under one digital roof, you create a robust and unified data repository that cuts through the chaos of fragmented data sources. 

No more sifting through data silos or struggling with conflicting version history. Every piece of information you need is at your fingertips, leading to swift and informed decision-making.

The benefits go beyond just speed and accuracy - your IT team isn't constantly wrestling with data integrity issues or with disjointed data sources but can focus on strategic projects that drive future-proof your organization. All because your data resides in one place, under the watchful eye of your single Cloud provider.

With a solid, consistent data source, your reporting becomes more reliable, and your forecasts are more accurate, giving you a clearer view of future trends; your customer insights get a boost, improving your ability to anticipate and meet customer needs.

Adopting a single Cloud provider helps turn your data into a dynamic asset. It's the first step towards transforming raw numbers into actionable insights, powering your business strategies, and, ultimately, driving your success. 

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Gain industry-specific expertise

The alignment of tech and corporate strategy demands a solution tailored to your specific needs, challenges, and workflows. By choosing a Cloud provider specializing in your industry, you can more easily optimize workflows and operations, identifying what works for your organization.

Such specialization can fuel more effective and efficient processes, enabling you to deliver your corporate mission. You're not just getting a Cloud service, but a solution molded to fit your unique industry contour.

The right Cloud provider will not just understand your industry but will also anticipate its future. They will foresee changes, predict trends, and help your business navigate through industry evolution. Whether it's a regulatory change or a market shift, your Cloud partner will have you covered, ensuring your business remains resilient. 

Harness the Cloud’s continuous stream of innovation

With a suite of solutions from one Cloud provider, you'll benefit from the continuous stream of innovation the Cloud allows, remaining confident in the services, capabilities, and features, your provider tests and promotes. 

Integrating the latest technological advances into your operations allows you to leverage cutting-edge innovations to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and add value to your customers. 

With a suite of solutions, you're not just accessing a service but connecting to a hub of continuous innovation. As the provider evolves, so do you, moving your organization forward. 

Innovation with legacy on-premises systems not only has large IT personnel and hardware costs but can take much longer to implement what small innovations can be found within a legacy system.

To quote Ray Wang: “In the on-premises world, let’s be honest, we don’t always upgrade. We don’t often move our software; we don’t often maintain it the way we should. Even if you are getting a continuous stream of innovation, you won’t often test it or put it in place - but this happens in the Cloud.” 

In the Cloud, innovation is continuous, isn’t isolated to IT teams, involves fewer cost factors, and can be adopted seamlessly and with little disruption to operations.



Strengthen cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. In the complex terrain of digital threats, a single misstep can have far-reaching consequences, but a single Cloud provider ensures security measures are holistic and comprehensive.

Embracing a suite of solutions from one Cloud provider means entrusting your cybersecurity to a single entity. Most ERP vendors partner with Cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, that have much more cybersecurity resources than any internal security team.

Ray Wang makes clear: “Even if you have 2,3 FTEs in security, the Cloud vendor has hundreds of people, maybe even thousands of people, working on security - versus your 2,3 FTE, that’s not even a match.”

This concentrated focus on safeguarding your data can result in enhanced security protocols and reduced vulnerabilities. The provider is responsible for the regular maintenance and timely updates of security measures, taking the weight off your team's shoulders.

When you juggle multiple Cloud services from various vendors, you potentially open up several security loopholes. Each integration becomes a potential chink in your armor, a point of access for malicious threats. 

With a single Cloud provider, you offload much of your security worries onto their large, trusted, and experienced cybersecurity teams that can ensure your entire ERP system is covered with world-class security.

AI can enhance operations best within a single ERP suite

AI works hand in hand with the Cloud, through automation, machine learning, and advanced reporting. Yet, with an integrated dataset within a single ERP suite, AI can truly revolutionize operations with increased productivity and efficiency.

Automation can streamline workflows, reducing manual tasks and elevating efficiency to previously unattainable levels. Imagine the time saved, the errors reduced, and the productivity heightened when mundane, repetitive tasks are automated.

Machine learning sifts through massive data volumes to unearth patterns and trends, turning raw data into meaningful insights. It can forecast customer behaviors, market trends, and sales projections, paving the way for proactive strategies and better business outcomes. 

While AI is particularly hard to integrate into on-premises legacy systems, its benefits can be thwarted by fragmented data siloes across multiple ERP subscriptions and applications – with a single suite AI can be extremely useful when use cases are identified.

How Unit4 can help your organization future-proof your solutions

In this era of customization, generic solutions no longer suffice. Businesses now seek Cloud providers who can tailor their offerings to the industry's specific needs, leading to more streamlined operations and better service delivery. 

Unit4 Cloud-based solutions offer more than just a technological upgrade, we provide a bridge to a future where the latest innovations are at your fingertips, waiting to be harnessed.

Unit4’s suite of HCM, ERP, and FP&A products offers a triple value - by seamlessly leveraging the right data points, an organization can operate efficiently, decision-making is better informed, and ultimately both people and customer experience is maximized - leading to better value for all.

Be a part of the wave of continuous innovation and see the difference it can make in your business. Please check out these pages for more information about your ERP journey to the Cloud and our suite of solutions, or hear Ray Wang’s full keynote on-demand.

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