Business Value Awards: Celebrating the achievements of our customers and their people

Posted by  Jeremias Jansson

There’s one common thread that links Unit4 and the industries we work in, and that’s people. There is so much opportunity for businesses that operate as people-based organizations. Our customers have a very serious mandate and role to fulfill in the economy. They help to educate millions of people, they serve millions of citizens, build unbelievable things like airports, islands, cities or they support the welfare of millions around the globe.

Their people - the people that make them successful every day - believe in the cause they’re serving. Technology that supports them and furthers that cause by delivering new ways of working should be celebrated. The most successful people businesses use technology in transformative ways.

That’s why we launched our Business Value Awards recognizing the outstanding results and impact our customers are achieving from our technology.  

Heifer International, the international development organization committed to ending global hunger and poverty in a sustainable way, is the first customer to be recognized. Heifer has successfully digitized, automated and streamlined processes across the business to enable innovation, increase and diversify revenue and scale up program impact. Reported impacts from Unit4 Business World include a 90% decrease in resources required for financial consolidation, $2.3 million saved through better efficiency, and 360-degree transparency for donors and other stakeholders, driving decision making and rapid response.

‘’Before Unit4, we struggled to address donor transparency, reporting complexity, and real-time access to data globally. Since implementing Business World, we have streamlined and automated key financial and business processes and seen huge productivity improvements, as our people benefit from a better software experience’’ said Stephen Northcutt, Director of Enterprise Systems, at Heifer. ‘’These savings mean we can spend more time and money investing alongside communities around the world to end hunger and poverty. We are excited to be recognized for our work."

We’re in business for people and this project with Heifer is a great example of how our solutions are creating new people experiences, delivering real value to people every day. ERP designed specifically for people-led organizations provides the tools and technologies that make day-to-day tasks faster and less labor-intensive, ultimately helping people achieve their best at work. Huge congratulations to Heifer on the success of the project. They are worthy winners of this award and we look forward to working with them to build on this success in the future.

Six companies were nominated in the not-for-profit category, with the judging panel comprised of Seth Lippincott, Analyst at Nucleus Research, Iain Pritchard, NfP expert from Adapta Consulting, Mike Ettling, Unit4 CEO and Jeremias Jansson, Unit4 Chief Customer Officer. They looked at a range of criteria including measurable ROI, business process improvements, how well Unit4 supports the achievement of the organization’s people and mission and the overall value delivered by the project.

The Unit4 Business Value Awards run quarterly with a different industry or product focus. To apply, simply fill out the brief form here and we will contact you.

Jeremias Jansson

Through my career I’ve learned the importance of honesty, hard-work and having fun. Also the importance of being nice to people. I’ve worked with some amazing people that have coached me and been honest about my faults, one being that I work too much. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, so use them wisely. Today my obsession is how we make our customers and their customers as successful as possible. 

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