A new look for Unit4

Posted by  Ivo Totev

Today is the day that Unit4 embarks on a new phase, one that is based on a clear strategy and new products to be launched on the 26th. Our new branding shows the new Unit4, our aspirations and our passions.

Changing our look is not just cosmetic – it visualizes our commitment to offering business solutions that are designed for the people using our applications, making technology bend to people and not the other way around. In addition to our new look, we are working hard to increase globally the brand awareness of Unit4. In order to elevate the Unit4 brand and simplify the naming of our products, we are giving our international products descriptive names, and thus focus more on the master brand that Unit4 is transforming into. It will now be clearly visible that all these products are part of one Unit4 global offering.

All our international products will carry the Unit4 brand, plus a descriptive name that makes their purpose easily recognizable. The products that will be renamed are:   Today the rebranding process begins, and you will see all content on www.unit4.com plus many marketing materials carrying our new branding. The process of rebranding will continue throughout the next months, and will include ourapplications , the associated documentation, as well as other touch points with our company. Welcome to the new Unit4. In business for people.

Ivo Totev

Ivo Totev

Ivo Totev was appointed Chief Product Officer in 2016 tasked to develop and bring to market the end-to-end product and service experience. Ivo joined Unit4 in 2014 with responsibility for Unit4's global marketing strategy including Digital Marketing, Product Marketing and Communications. He joined Unit4 from Software AG where he served as CMO and Head of the Cloud Business with responsibility for global marketing and product marketing and was a member of the Group Executive Board. Ivo has extensive enterprise software experience, having begun his career at Progress Software. Following that he worked for Forté Software, Sun Microsystems and SAP where he was running product marketing for the NetWeaver Developer platform.

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