Unit4 research shows poor expense claim systems directly impact employee engagement - employees lose billions to employers

From the Editor

Today we released the findings of international research that uncovered that poor expense claim processes have a negative impact on employee engagement, to the extent that many do not always claim expenses they have incurred. Companies are benefiting from unclaimed employee expenses to the tune of more than €14 billion.

The survey was conducted among senior and middle management professionals employed full and part-time, that submit expense claims in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. The findings are based on responses from almost 2,000 employees.

This infographic summarizes the findings nicely.  

Importantly, corporate expense claim processes do not support employee engagement initiatives to the extent that companies are leaving employees short of money. As many as 37% of US professionals who regularly claim expenses say this is the case. When asked if they feel their employer is gaining a financial advantage over them through the expense claim process, 42% US respondents said yes. In Spain (29%) and Sweden (26%), the UK (25%), France (23%), Canada (21%) and Belgium (20%) as many as two or three out of ten employees felt that way. Of the employees surveyed that said yes, as many as 35% (France) of employees feel this has a negative influence on their feelings towards the company.

Of course we've had to make some assumptions based on the findings of the survey, but we were still surprised by the numbers. And this is just expenses systems and processes. Something employees spend less than a few hours a year working with. 

Just a taste of the impact inadequate workplace systems and processes in general might have on employee engagement!

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