Breaking the ERP mold the Tesla way

Posted by  Ton Dobbe

Diginomica published an article by our own Ton Dobbe today with some interesting comparisons between enterprise software vendors and car manufacturer Tesla.

Organizations today must make better decisions, provide better customer service and find new business opportunities from their data – if they do not, the competition will. The key to this is leveraging every piece of data at our disposal. 

By feeding this data into the cloud and utilizing machine learning and other smart analytics, we can start to make sense of this flood of data and apply it in context to reimagine the user experience completely.

Ultimately, understanding and applying data will make ERP more automated, more self-driven, and it will deliver a completely new experience. In this article, Ton describes the four key stages organizations should be thinking about if they want to get this right.

The conclusion: The new approach to delivering self-driving ERP goes beyond the perceived limitations of ERP in the same way Tesla has broken the mold for speed, economics and disruption in the car industry. The end goal for services organizations is delivering the best services and customer experience. 

Ton Dobbe

Ton joined Unit4 in 1991 as a partner manager before moving to the product team and subsequently taking the position of product manager. He became global head of product marketing in 2015 and has since been responsible for some of Unit4’s most successful product launches. He took on the role of chief evangelist in 2016.