Managing the Digital Revolution

Posted by  Ivo Totev

Big data. Machine Learning. Cloud. Internet of Things. Mobile Access. Pattern Recognition. User experience. Computer intelligence. The Digital Revolution has arrived, and it is too enormous to wrap your mind around.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Self-driving software on the cloud will do it for you.  It represents a whole new way to understand and harness the full power of our new, bewildering and highly profitable business environment.

The term “self-driving” implies software that makes decisions and takes action independent of human intervention.  In practice it has a much greater significance. 

Self-driving software is about empowering people, from the front-line employee through the back office and up through the CEO, to accomplish more than is humanly possible. It is about enabling businesses to stay competitive and flourish.   

The impact is real and enormous: Sales reps will produce expense reports in moments, departments will run payroll in minutes, project managers will set up new projects in hours. 

How? It is the melding of two “minds,” where intelligent software does the bulk of the work, and human intelligence supervises, guides and manages by exception.  Self-driving software is about freeing people from menial and administrative tasks. But it is also about intelligent automation discovering patterns hidden by the limitations of human comprehension, and detecting invisible problems buried deep within zetabytes of disparate data. 

Ultimately, it is about working faster, smarter and better in the new age of complex business technologies.

For Example

A manager could spend hours creating a time and expense report – searching for receipts, pouring over calendars, organizing spreadsheets, recouping data lost in the course of a busy trip. Or she could spend moments approving the same report created automatically.

  • Her calendar provides the date and the client.
  • A travel app provides her airline and ticket info.
  • Her GPS and credit card provide the limousine fare.
  • The dinner receipt provides her entertainment cost.
  • Self-driving software collects all this information as it is created, without the flaws of human data collection, and applies her and the company’s history and machine intelligence to completed a time and expense report that only requires the manager to click an accept button, or make minor modifications. 

That is the essence of self-driving software – freeing people from menial and administrative tasks, so they can spend their time doing what they were hired to do: Teachers teaching, nurses nursing, and everybody serving the customer.  


Self-driving software is about the pairing of human and machine intelligence, and empowering people to do more than humanly possible. It is the way to harness the increasing onslaught of technological megatrends. It is the way businesses will survive and excel in the Digital Revolution.

This will be a big theme at Unit4's 2016 Connect conference in Amsterdam, April 5-7. For more information and to register to attend please visit the Connect website.

Ivo Totev

Ivo Totev

Ivo Totev was appointed Chief Product Officer in 2016 tasked to develop and bring to market the end-to-end product and service experience. Ivo joined Unit4 in 2014 with responsibility for Unit4's global marketing strategy including Digital Marketing, Product Marketing and Communications. He joined Unit4 from Software AG where he served as CMO and Head of the Cloud Business with responsibility for global marketing and product marketing and was a member of the Group Executive Board. Ivo has extensive enterprise software experience, having begun his career at Progress Software. Following that he worked for Forté Software, Sun Microsystems and SAP where he was running product marketing for the NetWeaver Developer platform.

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