The right environment can make you a top performer

Posted by  Martijn Seijsener

The right working environment helps to develop individuals in an organization to thrive in their work. That is why we invest in creating a work environment in which colleagues are able to provide feedback to each other. This way, together with colleagues and within teams, we can continue to keep on learning and excel. Martijn Seijsener, Global Learning & Development Specialist at Unit4, will explain his view in his blog: “The right environment can make you a top performer. Enjoy the read! 

The right environment can make you a top performer

A lot of business leaders speak about efficiency and performance as if they’re the responsibility of a single department or a handful of managers and supervisors. Some companies dedicate performance-tracking duties entirely to HR departments. Since the development of top performers can make or break a business, why shouldn’t the responsibility fall on the shoulders of everyone in an organization?

Distributing the Responsibility of Performance

As the evolution of the workplace proceeds towards a more egalitarian environment, tasks that have traditionally been performed by specific departments are now shared by a greater number of employees. For example, the importance and ubiquity of social media has added communication-based tasks to the list of chores for many professionals who would previously rely entirely on PR departments. This doesn’t mean that public relations departments no longer operate within these businesses. Instead, the burden of this responsibility is shared among a greater network of colleagues.

Workplace performance is another field that continues to involve a greater number of staff members than before. Previously, especially with larger organizations, a human-resources department would be considered the main driver of monitoring and measuring performance, aided by the information provided by managers, supervisors and other leaders. All of the data would then be presented as an annual performance review in which employees had little say, even if the information provided was wrong.

For decades, this top-down mindset was the norm, resulting in considerable costs for collecting and processing a year’s worth of data. Despite the effort involved in these annual performance reviews, the benefits reaped were few compared to the investment of time and money. Even worse, this can create an atmosphere of mistrust between HR and employees.

So, that is why it is important to provide yearly, and actually, continuous feedback structures and moments so your businesses will and can further improve. At Unit4 we are moving towards a situation in which we get a 360-degree view of how the company works. This involves obtaining feedback from employees and customers instead of relying solely on a single manager or supervisor backed by an HR representative.

Adding this expanded point of view enables every colleague to be held accountable for their performance while facilitating insight from. This reduces the chance that colleagues will feel that certain members of the company aren’t treated in a consistent and credible manner. When everyone feels invested in the performance improvement process, the entire business benefits.

Martijn Seijsener

Martijn Seijsener

Martijn Seijsener is Global Learning and Development Specialist at Unit4. Bringing more than 12 years’ experience in increasing employees’ abilities, skills and competences. His mission is to create a learning culture within Unit4 through learning solutions that aim to strengthen our leadership and employees and so maximizing performance and creating a competitive advantage in the market.

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