Self-driving Travel & Expenses, naturally

Posted by  Hilde Espeland

Today we are proud to announce a new self-driving Travel and Expenses solution that brings to life our vision of “self-driving” ERP, where machine learning and artificial intelligence drive the user interface.

Research we published in December, 2015, uncovered that poor expense claim processes have a negative impact on employee engagement, to the extent that many do not always claim back expenses they have incurred. This leaves a hole in people’s pockets of more than €14 billion every year (based on data from nine countries).

Through natural interfaces and natural language we truly believe AI is the next UI. By making systems self-driving and removing routine, non-value add tasks from people, we can enrich working lives and support people to achieve more and organizations to further their missions. Bouvet is the first customer live on the system. Remi Ovstebo says the system is making their people's lives easier, freeing up time to focus on customers. They expect the new mobile experience to drive: "...approximately a cumulative two-year saving of employees’ time annually." 

This short video shows the simplicity of the new system and how it uses collaborative interfaces to calculate distances through Google Maps data, and categorizes expense receipts using recognition technology. Behind it all we use machine learning to make it better all the time:

Unit4 Travel & Expenses- Self-Driving Expenses - Submitting to Approval from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.




Hilde Espeland

Hilde Espeland

Hilde heads Unit4's Centre of Excellence for Time & Expense Management solutions. She is passionate about helping organizations reduce the amount of time they spend on administration, and doing it in a way that makes employees happy.