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HCM for government

Benefits of HCM for Government organizations

As the world returns to some kind of ‘normal,’ government organizations reassess what the future holds for their services, their people, and the human capital management systems that manage them. While some scale up, others are scaling back down to more manageable day-to-day.

But is your HCM the key to a world of opportunities? If so, what are they?

Attract, retain and grow talent with your HCM

One area where public sector organizations need to become more competitive is with their people. Historically, attracting and retaining talent has been a challenge for the public sector when up against the private sector. But as the world shifts, there’s an opportunity to transform perception and win that battle. How?

The right HCM software creates a world of opportunities for your people. Helping you attract, retain and grow talent. It does this in several ways. First, it lets you transform how people work and build the foundations for a more attractive and appealing culture, where people are free to do more and empowered to go further. It offers better opportunities, development potential, and improved experiences.

The right software also helps you align individual and organizational goals. Creating a shared vision of the future.

The exciting part is that many public sector organizations are already on their way. According to a study by Talview, “80% of respondents said their interviewing and hiring process is now fully remote.” The right HCM solutions will then plug these positive trends into all other aspects of your organization to supercharge outcomes.

Track and recognize performance

In the future, fully integrated HCM tools will be vital for organizations looking to track and control the performance of individuals and services at once. By centralizing data and integrating HR capabilities, your HCM lets your team understand where services are delivering, who is providing the most impact, and how you can spread this across your organization. While also creating improved experiences for your people.

The benefits will start immediately by helping you centralize all employee information and related documents to create better onboarding processes. You’ll also be able to see all your people’s data instantly. Giving you insight on performance or help boost resource allocation. Or you can define standard and employee-specific work plans quickly.

In fact, your HCM puts All employee information – current and past – at your fingertips: your people, managers, and HR share one solution to access information. With tailored screens, different people only see relevant information.

Reimagine and reinvigorate services and those delivering them

Boost experience by integrating your HCM with payroll, finance, and talent management functions for a supreme HR hire-to-retire experience while making HR processes more efficient and work easier.

This fully integrated HCM will let you boost productivity, clear your people plates of low-value tasks, streamline processes, automate unnecessary admin, eliminate wasted time and duplications, and even stay HR legislation compliant with alerts and notifications. But that’s only the beginning.

With Modern HCMs built entirely in the cloud, you can work and deliver anywhere with minimal disruption to make work and outcomes better and more satisfying to deliver. You can also digitize any process to create approval flows and forms or manage your organizational structure. At the same time, you replace paper forms, data gaps, and silos within HR. Transforming the way you adapt and approve work for your people and your organization.

And with a single source of truth and real-time data, no longer is staffing based on informal networks or out-of-date skill frameworks. You know who can do what, and make sure you’re using those skills to their fullest.

Supercharge decision-making

Modern HCMs don’t just make managing work easier for government organizations. They also revolutionize how they plan for the future.

Using your HCMs power integrations and a single source of data, you have the ability to report faster, go deeper in your analysis, plan for unknowns and what-ifs and rethink, reshape and reset internal structures as you need. While giving your people more freedom and the self-service tools to people change or update personal information or analyze data themselves.

How can Unit4 HCM help your government organization?

Unit4 HCM is an integrated and intuitive solution built to help people-centric government organizations unleash talent and strategy with agility, improve employee retention, and adapt at speed. Giving you more individualized control, clearer insights for better decision-making, and faster time-to-value — all with a transformative People Experience. Discover what Unit4 HCM could do for you today.

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