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Business Value Awards: Celebrating the achievements of our customers and their people

There’s one common thread that links Unit4 and the industries we work in, and that’s people. There is so much opportunity for businesses that operate as people-based organizations. Our customers have a very serious mandate and role to fulfill in the economy. They help to educate millions of people, they serve millions of citizens, build unbelievable things like airports, islands, cities or they support the welfare of millions around the globe.

Their people - the people that make them successful every day - believe in the work they are doing. Technology that supports them and delivers new ways of working should be celebrated. The most successful people businesses use technology in transformative ways.

That’s why we launched our Business Value Awards recognizing the outstanding results and impact our customers are achieving from our technology.  

Nuclear decommissioning organization Magnox manages ten shut-down nuclear power stations and two research centers in the UK. In selecting Unit4’s cloud ERP, it can streamline and automate complex administrative systems and processes efficiently and cost effectively and ensure compliance with the strict security regulations imposed on the organization.  In addition, Unit4 Business World has helped improve both the accuracy and efficacy of Magnox’s budgeting and forecasting processes, removing its reliance on time consuming, costly and error-prone paper and spreadsheet-based systems. All HR records now reside in a single system, making it possible for HR teams to become more strategic and add value across the organization as they spend less time consolidating data.

Unit4 Prevero, our CPM suite, has transformed an extremely complex system of spreadsheets into an automated set of dashboards for internal and onward reporting. The team estimates that with Unit4 solutions in place, it has seen a 15% reduction in the time it takes to produce the reports management and staff need in order to manage the organization effectively.

Designed with people in mind, Magnox teams benefit from the ease of use and flexibility offered by Unit4 solutions. So as the needs of the organization evolve, system changes and upgrades can be managed internally, without incurring the associated complexity, time delays, business disruption and costs

‘’Unit4 has been a great partner for many years and Business World has delivered strong operational benefits. Moving to the cloud has made us even more streamlined and effective and has allowed us to take advantage of improving technology faster.’’ Mary Kent, Head of IT Programmes at Magnox.

To hear more about the project from Mary, please click here

We’re in business for people and this project with Magnox is a great example of how our solutions are delivering value to its people every day; providing the tools and technologies that make day-to-day tasks faster and less labor-intensive. Huge congratulations to Magnox on the success of the project. They are worthy winners of this award and we look forward to working with them to build on this success.

13 companies were nominated in the Professional Services category and our judging panel included Dave Hofferberth of SPI and Jeremias Jansson, Unit4 Chief Customer Officer. They looked at a range of criteria including measurable ROI, business process improvements, how well Unit4 supports the achievement of the organization’s people and mission and the overall value delivered by the project.

The Unit4 Business Value Awards run quarterly with a different industry or product focus. To apply, simply fill out the brief form here and we will contact you.

Jeremias Jansson - Chief Customer Officer and Executive Vice President at Unit4

Jeremias Jansson

Through my career I’ve learned the importance of honesty, hard-work and having fun. Also the importance of being nice to people. I’ve worked with some amazing people that have coached me and been honest about my faults, one being that I work too much. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, so use them wisely. Today my obsession is how we make our customers and their customers as successful as possible.

Cooking is my passion and I love to learn new things to prepare and serve to friends and family!