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The value of our values

from  January 9, 2020 | 2 min read

What matters to you? What do you believe is important in life? Whatever your answers – they are of course your values.

We may not think about them very often, but we all have them and they’re just under the surface, shaping everything we think, say and do.

When a group of people with shared values work together, they can become a powerful force.

Why it is important for Unit4 to have clear values

Following the successful brand refresh, we thought it would be the right time to outline the values that define what Unit4 stands for. They inform the brand character and culture. They’re the reason it feels a certain way to be an employee, client or partner of Unit4.

Our values guide our people. They help them to assess options and make the right decisions. They’re a touchstone for evaluating performance and rewarding employees with bonuses or promotions.

Our values let people know what’s expected of them and what they’re entitled to expect of others. They help potential clients and employees decide if we’re the kind of company they want to work with.

The values of a people business

Unit4 may be in the technology industry, but we’re in business for people. We empower people – both our own people and our clients – to enable them to have a positive impact on the individuals they in turn serve. 

We operate in people-centric sectors: educationpublic servicesconsultancy and not-for-profit. We provide technology that’s people-friendly and intuitive to use. And we put people first in the way we work too.

As part of our recent brand refresh, we updated our company values. It is important to us that the principles which guide our internal behaviour are aligned with the external brand promise. This is what makes us an authentic brand that our employees and clients know they can trust and rely on.

The four values that unite Unit4

  • People first, everything else will follow – This value represents our true, core people focus internally and externally – we put people first and everything else follows.
  • Choose curiosity, embrace challenges – We are an innovative company driven by curiosity to always do better. We love taking on challenges and finding solutions.
  • Make an Impact, be proud – We all go to work wanting to make an impact, regardless of what we do, this is what connects us. And we should be proud of all the great things we accomplish.
  • Be Genuine, be true to yourself – We are an inclusive company, encouraging people to be themselves, we see value in diversity and staying true to ourselves.

These are the values that guide Unit4. They are the glue that holds over 3,000 people together as we work, often remotely in virtual teams, across 50 countries.

As we grow and develop, they will guide existing employees on how to act. Defining our values is important, but in the end, it is all about living them and giving each other feedback and praise on the basis of these values. So together with it we launched Intuo – our digital platform to do so and measure engagement. Our values will show prospective employees what it’s like to work here. And they’ll assure our clients they can expect a genuine and human experience working with us.

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Image of Lisa Dodman - Chief People Officer at Unit4

Lisa Dodman

Unit4 Chief People Success Officer

Lisa has spent 25 years in HR working globally within generalist roles, and 18 years in the software industry largely in ERP and PLM organizations. Used to defining strategy and driving business transformations, Lisa has been instrumental since joining Unit4 in 2015, refocusing the business on talent enablement, leadership development, millennial hiring and engagement