The Public Sector at Unit4 Connect Conference 2018

Posted by  Mark Gibbison

This October 2018, Unit4 will host its annual Connect conference, with this year’s theme being Creating Space. Our software frees people from the repetitive-but-necessary administrative tasks in their role, allowing them to spend more time on meaningful, purposeful work. At the conference, Henk Jan Onstwedder, Global VP at Unit4, who focuses on Not for Profit and Public Services industries, will be providing an overview of the sectors, illustrating trends, challenges, and business drivers.

Digital technology’s role in the future of NGOs and NFPs

The way in which digital technology has integrated into our lives has had a significant impact on how charities successfully operate. Communication, especially through social media, has seen such a dramatic shift that without an online presence, these organisations will struggle to exist.

Digital fundraising means that a wider audience can be reached more quickly and in a more scalable way; online tools offer a powerful new way to gain attention and promote projects and campaigns; and rather than relying on an “awareness week”, these avenues allow for ongoing conversations and dealing with underlying issues.

Especially when operating internationally, NGOs need complete financial control and accurate insights across programs, regions and entities – all based on one single version of the truth.

It’s common to think of a charity or NGO’s ERP in terms of fundraising and donor management. But traditional legacy systems aren’t flexible enough to understand that a donor may also be a volunteer, or an activist, or a customer, and this is complicated further as separate records are managed by separate people or departments. With a unified solution, that is accessible by all, anyone can see the bigger picture of that contact’s relationship with the organisation.

Scale that up and it becomes a solution to manage much more: Reorganisation, in- or out-sourcing, adding new functions or responsibilities, or sharing services without costly and time-consuming systems changes - all while ensuring everyone works in unison to deliver the ultimate goal; helping others.

Creating space for innovation in the Public Sector: The benefits of Cloud

Rather than consuming people’s time with data entry tasks or static software tools, cloud technology liberates them to work better and smarter. With comprehensive, role-specific tools available, plus full control over change, applications can be delivered to empower people to fulfil their role with passion while navigating dynamic situations at home and around the world.

With everyone inside the organisation using the same tools, wherever they are, deployed on-premises or in the cloud, accessed via desktop or mobile, internal operations are enhanced alongside building deeper connections with a donor base.

Software should support, not sidetrack

Software tools should make back-office functions and routine admin tasks easier for organisations to focus on higher-value services - people shouldn’t be distracted by repetitive processes and ad hoc spreadsheets. And should reporting requirements change, and if regulations update, and if core functions evolve, the right tools should be ready to grow and adapt to meet new priorities.

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Educational workshops and keynote speakers will help you understand how you can leverage our solutions to inspire, engage, and create space for what matters most every day.

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Mark Gibbison

Mark Gibbison

Mark Gibbison is the Industry Director for Public Sector for Unit4 in the UK and Ireland. He is driven to help institutions deliver improved services at a lower cost using enterprise technology. He has held senior positions in local government IT and with technology vendors like SAP. Mark joined Unit4 from Objective where he held positions as Head of Enterprise Sales and as Local Government Sales Director.