Introducing ERP to the construction industry

Posted by  Chris Knight

Growing a successful construction company creates opportunities that demand flexibility from people that work for them, and from the IT solutions they use.  Common challenges are that traditional, legacy IT solutions don’t talk to each other, there are always endless spreadsheets, plus there’s the ever present “we’ve always done it this way!”.

Finding the right time to take stock with ‘business as usual’ demanding immediate attention restricts opportunities for the business to grow and develop.

This is not unusual, typically IT solutions grow and expand based on individual projects and the business functions needs.  But this situation demands more and more time from precious resources to keep things running, usually from the Finance and IT departments staff members.

Inevitably there will come a point when the cracks start to show, business growth is impacted, and a fresh approach needs to be considered.

Unit4 provides an integrated ERP that is designed for the construction and house building industry.  It covers the full project lifecycle from marketing to project award and delivery, budgeting and forecasting, procurement, commercial management, finance and reporting.

Having a fully integrated solution is about ‘One version of the truth’ where information is entered once but used many times across the team.  Unit4 Business World ERP is designed to remove the duplication of manual tasks and add automation where possible to allow people to concentrate on decisions and not being a slave to the system.

Unit4 Business World EPR primary value propositions are;

  • Unit4 are in business for people – Construction and House Building are core to our business model.
  • 15 years' experience in House Building and Construction Industries.
  • Products are developed and designed for the Construction and House Building sectors.
  • Low Cost of Change compared to Competitors.
  • Low Cost of Change to Business Models. E.g. Merger and Acquisition Impacts.
  • Corporate Leverage – Unit 4 are a Tier 1 provider.
  • Common accounting structure and rules, suppliers, subcontractors, clients and projects.
  • Pre-configured to suit using Value Accelerators – reduces implementation times and cost.

Chris Knight

Chris has worked in the Construction and House Building sectors for over 20 years and has developed a broad range of knowledge and experience during this time.  He has managed large scale I.T. implementation projects as well as business change projects on behalf of the board.

The last 10 years were spent at a major ERP provider working in a range of roles from managing the professional services consultancy team, product manager before moving to the Sales team as Pre-sales Consultant.

His current role is Senior Solution Consultant for Unit4 Business World focusing on the commercial space for Construction and Professional Service sectors.

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