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Posted by  Clarence Gray

Experience Packs provide a stunning user experience with a fresh approach to repetitive and recurring tasks. From a technical point of view, Experience Packs sit on top of the core Agresso platform and are integrated with Agresso ERP modules to deliver a completely new ERP user experience. Each Experience Pack allows for people across the organization to focus on an area of functionality and supports easy user adoption, increased productivity and quick resolution of issues. Feedback, animations, as well as collaboration and chat features in the Experience Packs provide a modern user interface that enhances the way you work.

In this blog, I want to focus on just one of the Experience Packs:  “Modeller”.  Modeller lets you graphically view and update any organizational structure held in our ERP suite, UNIT4 Business World, through simple drag and drop features. This allows you to make fast changes to the structure and considering the underlying data structure, it’s completed for you without the need for third party tools such as Visio® or PowerPoint®.

With Modeller, you can create and maintain your organizational structure. Modeller can be configured to reflect your organization (org) structure – including the number of levels and branches you have in your organization with an effective date. Each position within a department can contain details such as employee name and related HR information, including a picture. This is done in a graphical view for ease of usability.

Now suppose your Marketing department has been reporting to the VP of Sales & Marketing. As the organization is growing rapidly, there comes a day when the decision is made that the Marketing department should report directly to the President, not to the VP of Sales & Marketing. Using Modeller, the Marketing department branch in the org chart can be moved up a level using drag and drop functionality to link it directly to the President. At first, a draft of the org chart is captured and sent for approval. Once the authorized approver reviews and agrees with the newly designed org chart, it’s approved and the org chart is complete. Easy, right?

Not only is the drag and drop approach of Modeller intuitive and easy to use, but also the underlying relational data is adjusted to reflect changes in the organizational structure. For example, after shifting Marketing’s structure, it’s costing report will no longer be rolled up to the costs in the Sales department.. Instead, the departmental costs will rest within Marketing after the effective date. This helps with quarterly and annual reporting of costs and ultimately help the marketing department determine effective marketing dollar ROI.

As well, the workflow for timesheet or other approvals will be automatically changed to reflect the new organizational structure. There is no need to manually change any workflow data.

Modeller also has drill down capability. This allows you to drill down on people, projects, and products. that are represented in your chart to get more details. For example, you can drill down on individuals to access details such as date of birth, hire date, and a photo.

Modeller takes care of version control too. Each change to the chart is retained with an effective date. Not only can you model different “What-if?” scenarios, you can save and activate your planned changes to take effect on a future date. This helps you easily, effectively and proactively plan for future changes.

In summary, Modeller is a powerful graphical tool that includes drag and drop, drill down capabilities and outstanding usability letting you easily plan and implement organizational change. It empowers you and your organization to work smarter when change happens. To learn more, contact us to see how this fits within our overall ERP solution and how you too, can make reorganizations and/or organization restructures simply and efficient.

Clarence at Unit4

Clarence Gray

Clarence Gray is the Client Manager at Unit4 in North America. He is interested in sales operations, business processes and improvement, and when he’s not responding to RFP’s, he’s ballroom dancing in his free time.

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