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Posted by  Maggie Kerr-Southin

Last week we sent out three news releases that announced new aspects of our software designed to help you manage the digital revolution: Unit4 Business World On!, Digital Assistant and a new Professional Services Automation solution. They all hinge on one key feature: self-driving ERP.

“Self-driving” implies software that dramatically minimizes or makes decisions and takes action independent of human interaction. In practice it has a much greater significance.

Based on predictive analytics, the ability for software to predict users’ inputs and actions, self-driving ERP is destined to become the new normal. Business World is gaining increased abilities to predict and prepopulate data based on our customers’ schedules, routines, and existing data.

Self-driving software applies pattern recognition to categorize structured and unstructured data, to flag anomalies and to facilitate management by exception. A sales rep could spend hours creating a time and expense report – searching for receipts, poring over calendars, organizing spreadsheets, recreating data lost in the course of a busy trip. Or, she could take a few minutes to approve the same report created automatically by a system that pulls:

  • The date of her trip and the client visited from Outlook
  • Her airline and ticket info from a travel app
  • The taxi fare and route from her phone’s GPS and credit card data
  • Entertainment costs submitted via her smartphone photo of the dinner receipt.

Self-driving software collects all this information as it’s created, without the flaws of human data collection, and applies her and the company’s history using machine intelligence to complete an expense report that only requires her to accept with a click of a button. Now, the sales rep can spend her time selling.

That is the essence of the shifting roles and responsibilities that automated intelligence drives – people spend their time providing value-added services that can generate higher margins and new revenue streams.

We will be doing live demos of self-driving ERP at our upcoming customer conference Unit4 Connect 2016 in New Orleans from May 23-27. Unit4 customers are invited to register soon as sessions are quickly filling.

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Maggie Kerr-Southin

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