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Logan University switches to Unit4 ERP on Azure cloud to build an automated, agile future

from  April 20, 2022 | 3 min read

Logan University is a private institute focused on chiropractic and health science education with a world-class faculty and state of the art facilities. The business’s leaders were looking to move away from some of the old-fashioned manual and paper-based processes that were in place that they felt were holding them back when it came to agility and efficiency. Located in Chesterfield, MO, the university has 1,705 students, and as a relatively small and lean college, they knew they were suited to a cloud-first technology strategy.

A switch to Unit4’s ERP residing on Azure cloud has allowed them to automate resource planning and cut out the manual work required to maintain their student information system. As a growing university, they needed upgraded capabilities to increase automation and efficiencies. They have now shifted away from time-consuming manual and paper-based processes to an agile, flexible, and automated system, providing an even more exceptional student experience. 

Logan University is now using Unit4 Financial Management to power its finance function, including accounts payables, receivables, and requisitioning – all modelled for higher education. And because Unit4 is built on a native Azure cloud platform, the ERP platform can adapt, expand, and be integrated across the entire university. HR, payroll, and recruitment are all on their agenda for a move to ERP modules, but for now, they are relishing being able to spend more time concentrating on student needs.

The university’s leadership team are proud of their ethos of making evidence-based decisions, and now with the Unit4 ERP system, they can pull data from different sources and rely on the accuracy and quality of the information so they can make quick, informed decisions. They now have the confidence to make their decisions in areas such as budget management - having infused agility into this with the new ERP system, they are creating efficiencies and reducing human error.

University employees have been able to revamp workflows since the move to the Azure-based ERP platform. By saving time previously spent on physically routing and approving paper invoices and purchase orders, the school is saving money and making the most of its human capital. The recent move to Unit4’s ERP has seen them achieve a 20% increase in productivity and a 20% reduction in IT costs.

With help from Unit4, the university has achieved a streamlined system of maintenance and management. Maintenance, upgrades, patching, and any other issues with the system are not now the IT department’s problem. All staff can now focus on activities that are aligned with the university’s strategic growth plans. Their IT department is now a strategic center of innovation.

Logan University is capitalizing on the functionality of the Unit4 ERP platform to create agility and easily connect its system to other technology products it has already implemented. In addition to improving employee workflows, it’s making evidence-based decisions with improved automation, reporting, and analytics.

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