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How Unit4 helps higher education organizations to transform and grow

from  May 9, 2022 | 4 min read

Successful management in higher education depends on the ability to quickly adapt to change, both internally and externally. UNIT4 offers higher education organizations a complete, fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

The flexibility on offer gives higher education organizations not only a lower total cost of ownership but also a lower total cost of change, a metric especially important for organizations that operate in a dynamic environment like higher education.

UNIT4 offers a nimble, forward-thinking ERP solution. Our people-centric solutions are purpose-built for higher education institutions, focusing on People Experience to help free your people and faculty to do more of what matters: achieving the best in education and research.

You will be able to better manage your organization with a blend of industry-leading software, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). So, if you want your institution to thrive in today’s crowded marketplace, then you can’t afford to ignore the impact that outdated systems have on productivity and People Experience.

Here we take a look at some of our customers’ stories:

Logan University

Logan University is a private institute focused on chiropractic and health science education with a world-class faculty and state of the art facilities. They were reliant on a standalone, legacy ERP platform that meant data silos and wasted time. The business leaders were looking to move away from some of the old-fashioned manual and paper-based processes that were in place that they felt were holding them back when it came to agility and efficiency.

A switch to Unit4’s ERP residing on Azure cloud has allowed them to automate resource planning and cut out the manual work required to maintain their information system. As a growing university, they needed upgraded capabilities to increase automation and efficiencies. They have now shifted away from time-consuming manual and paper-based processes to an agile, flexible, and automated system, providing an even more exceptional student experience. 

Logan University is now using Unit4 Financial Management to power its finance function, including accounts payables, receivables, and requisitioning – all modelled for higher education. HR, payroll, and recruitment are all on their agenda for a move to ERP modules, but for now, they are happy to be able to spend more time concentrating on student needs. The recent move to Unit4’s ERP has seen them achieve a 20% increase in productivity and a 20% reduction in IT costs.

“We had outgrown the capabilities of the platform, and it wasn’t user friendly. Purchase order requisitions, invoices, and other processes remained paper-based, and that didn’t work for us. We wanted to drive an even more exceptional student experience – and that demanded a more agile, flexible, and automated system. We also wanted to be in the cloud.” Rick DeCaro, Director of IT, Logan University

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FH Campus Wien

FH Campus Wien is Austria’s largest university of applied sciences, and they have been working with Unit4 FP&A since 2013. The university wanted to replace an existing Excel-based system that was plagued with inflexible processes, data silos, and a lack of data security with a single source of truth. The institution was going through rapid growth and needed a plan to secure its leading position in the industry.

When Horst Rode joined the university as CFO and Managing Director in 2013, he had a clear vision of adapting finances and developing strategy in their competitive environment, and this included introducing a modern solution that would set them up for growth.

The university’s existing system was becoming increasingly complex. There was no way of ensuring data was accurate and no way of identifying errors when transferring or editing figures. They looked for a solution capable of automatically importing data from previous systems allowing precise, transparent planning. The system had to allow for specific requirements to standardize budgeting processes and offer user-friendly control.

“After a brief selection process, we found Unit4 FP&A. What impressed us then and still does today was the fact that the solution is capable of evolving in line with our situation. We deliberately chose a tool that doesn’t limit us in any way but is highly scalable and, therefore, future-proof. Unit4 is our single source of truth.” – Horst Rode, CFO & Managing Director, FH Campus Wien

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Birmingham Metropolitan University

Birmingham Metropolitan University supports almost 18,000 students across ten campuses, offering a wide range of courses. BMet was formed in 2009 following the merger of two local colleges, and as the institution grew, it became more difficult for the finance team to manage a unified finance ledger. Slow approval and procurement processes and challenges managing budget spend meant a change had to come. They needed a system that would enable them to work smarter and would put data at the center of management reporting and decision-making.

BMet deployed Unit4 ERP Financials to create a connected, automated finance system across the entire university. Timely, accurate financial data has led to transparent, informed, and faster decision-making. The college is now able to demonstrate its accountability and compliance to stakeholders and educational regulators with ease.

Through intelligent automation of finance processes, BMet’s finance team can focus more on strategy and less on routine transaction processing. They have transformed their reporting capabilities, increased their agility, and benefit from rapid, transparent procurement.

“Thanks to Unit4, we have complete visibility and control over each capital project: the schedule, resources invoiced, and cost versus budget. Armed with this insight, BMet can maximize return on investment, build a college that is fit for the future, and ultimately improve education outcomes.” Fiona Yardley, Finance Director, BMet

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How Unit4 can help

It’s vital to make the best use of precious academic and faculty time and to maximize funding to allow them more time to concentrate on the needs of students. Labor-intensive legacy systems and manual processes no longer fit requirements, so why let them hold you back?

Give your people the time, visibility, and control they need to make a difference and build success—check out the our Higher Education ERP systems and software here

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