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Join us for an experience you won’t want to miss, including keynotes from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Lady Mariéme Jamme, gender equality activist and founder of iamtheCODE, and Mike Ettling, CEO of Unit4. Across 2 days and 40+ sessions, we'll explore everything from industry trends to case studies and our product roadmap.

implementation challenges

9 questions to ask before your organization’s next IT implementation

Posted by Unit4 Communications October 1, 2020

critical digital transformation

How to create a nonprofit model that survives first contact with uncertainty

Posted by Unit4 Communications September 30, 2020

people experience vision

X4U Keynotes: A vision for people experience, a vision for your business, and an exploration of the power of communities

Posted by Unit4 Communications September 29, 2020

PSO trends

The 7 professional services trends to follow

Posted by Unit4 Communications September 25, 2020

40 years unit4

Celebrating 40 years in enterprise software — Happy Birthday Unit4

Posted by Mike Ettling September 24, 2020


Nonprofit recovery from the COVID-related downturn: The power of integrating finance and operations planning

Posted by Sarah Gaffney September 24, 2020

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