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Right for Your Business

Unit4 ERPx
The next generation in 
smart ERP

At Unit4 we’ve combined our 40+ years’ experience working with mid-size people-centric organizations with the latest innovations in cloud technology - developing an ERP solution that integrates finance, HR and project functions seamlessly on our market-leading, adaptive platform. This smart integration enables your business to focus on three key areas and transform the way your people work:


Providing the right tools to do more with less

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Doing things fast, but with purpose – running a tight business.



Resilient to change, disruption, and advancing technologies.


Introducing Unit4 ERPx

The next-generation
cloud ERP solution

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is Right for YOUR Business

Right for Your Business

By combining our mid-sized experience – with a relentless focus on people – onto an industry-leading cloud platform, we've built finance and HR solutions to be just right 4U.

  • Purpose-built for your people-centric industry

  • Focused on mid-market businesses like yours

  • Localized for multiple countries around the globe

  • Flexible to meet your unique and changing needs

  • Modern cloud platform

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Available now:
Unit4 Industry Mesh

Our new multi-tenant cloud service – available as part of the Unit4 ERPx cloud platform – will help you optimize and grow your digital ecosystem and adapt to your industry’s changing needs.

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Right for Their Business

"With the adoption of ERPx and the use of Unit4’s extension capabilities, we expect to be able to expand our technical agility and streamline our financial processes."

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“With ERPx we aim to reduce manual operations and improve reporting capabilities while keeping costs under control.”

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More customers already on the way with ERPx

Unit4 ERPx customer logo - Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Unit4 ERPx customer logo - Charity Commission
Unit4 ERPx customer logo - Eindhoven University
Unit4 ERPx customer logo - GBS
Unit4 ERPx customer logo - Gemeente Bronckhorst
Unit4 ERPx customer logo - Hennessy IT Consulting
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Unit4 ERPx customer logo - Vision ERP

Why ERPx?

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Capabilities that are right for your industry

  • Industry-specific functionality: Professional Services, Non-profits, Public Sector, Higher Education.
  • Embraces complexity: built to handle the most complex of organizations and support changing markets and methods.
  • Localizations: dedicated to the countries we serve.
  • Unifying multiple business processes: Finance, HR, Project management, Procurement.
  • Delivered by people who know you: Professional Service, Customer Support, Partners.
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User experience and automation that optimizes how people work

  • Personalized: powerful for pros, lightweight for everyone, inclusive and accessible.
  • Assistive and forgiving: interactions that prevent poor choices and help users recover easily from any undesired action.
  • Working smarter: helping users work more efficiently and smarter – manual tasks automated where possible.
  • Right delivery: enabling experiences adapted to wherever users are, working from their desktop, laptops or mobile.
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Modern cloud platform to deliver agility

  • Public Cloud: multi-tenant, enhanced performance, auto-scaling, geo-distribution, AI / natural language understanding.
  • Microservices / APIs: faster changes, independent user experience, synchronization of external and internal apps.
  • Extension Kits: build your own app, integrations and extensions out-of-the-box, expanding community of contributors.

Why is next-gen ERP important?

Ray Wang
Founder & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

"Until now, ERP was often holding organizations back, but we’re seeing the emergence of business-critical systems delivered in a way that customers can simply benefit from the exact functionality their people need to be effective."

Ray Wang

Mickey North-Rizza
Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Transformation, IDC

"AI-infused innovative SaaS apps architected with microservices will allow organizations to quickly adapt to changing business models, and flex to incorporate new technology, while delivering user experiences that drive productivity."

Mickey North-Rizza

David Wilson
CEO, Fosway Group

"People work differently today...Unit4 is focused on making ERP the enabler of employee experience, which means integrating people processes and HCM to create one seamless digital experience across the organization."

David Wilson

Kick-start the search for YOUR next-generation ERP

Learn why investing in a cloud ERP solution that is Right for Your Business is important – download IDC’s report: “Evaluating ERP Solutions: Advice and Checklists for Service Organizations"

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Making ERP a whole lot easier - with Unit4 ERPx

Discover how our next-gen multi-tenant SaaS ERP solution equips you to meet the challenges of mounting competition, client expectations, regulatory burdens, and the global battle for talent.

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